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Daily Transits: A daily forecast that is specific for your birthday printed out for each day showing you what all the planets are doing as you embrace the day. 12 months are provided. The transits of the Moon are not included.

$25 to send through the mail
$15 to e-mail

Solar Returns: Think of your birthday that comes around every year. The Sun in its journey through the Zodiac comes back to the exact degree that it did when you were born. Yes, it’s time for a party but these 4 minutes of time are a very sacred moment. The relationship of the Sun to the Earth is exactly the same as it was when you were born. Your soul is once again in tune with the Prime Creator, a symbolic moment. Just as the moment of your birth sets the stage for life, the solar return sets the stage for the coming year. A new Ascending sign and change in the placement of the planets. This solar return is to be used as a supplement with your natal chart taking in the transits and the progressions for the coming year. The Sun is the most important for it reflects the growth, stability and success with the future potentials being made wherever the Sun is placed in the new chart. Sometimes we may not like what is occurring. I mean if you want relationships to be a focal point in the coming year then you may need to place the Sun in the 7th house of relationships. This is done by traveling east or west so that you can place the Sun wherever in this or any other area that is important to you. The Solar return is a 45 to 50 page report as well as a personal analysis that runs about an hour and is put on CD. Your Solar Return can occur the day before or after your original birthday but the planetary hour that this occurs in will determine the colour to be worn, the number of candles and incense to be burned so that all the senses help raise your vibratory rate.

$100 for paperwork and CD

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As I enter my 41st year in the world of astrology I would like to thank all of you for your support in passing on my name to family and friends. It is because of your support that I have been able to materialize my vision into a tangible form, so my sincere thanks.

One of the most important aspects of astrology is the moment you were born. For 4 minutes of time the heavens appear to stand still in their apparent motion and will not repeat this cycle for approximately 26,000 years. Thus, the raw materials of the heavens impregnate the design of your architectural blueprint. This brings experiences and situations that you have chosen, so that your relationship between you and the Prime Creator becomes organic once again. My job is to act as a catalyst in helping you understand the stages of growth in your development whether they come through personal challenges or opportunities.  
I am an astrologer that utilizes as many ingredients as possible in order to give you the most accurate prediction of what’s going on in your life. This means not only using the planets that are in transit and progressed states but taking in consideration those of you that are responding to the wavelengths or influences that lie beyond our solar system that also have a tangible effect upon you. These include certain black holes as well as fixed stars in the constellations of Orion, Pleiades and Sirius.

I have been certified as a professionally accredited astrologer since 1977 through the American Federation of Astrologers and I am the only astrologer in Tennessee with this credential. I also became professionally certified in 2012 with the International Society of Astrological Research. 

To provide any service the date, time and place of birth are needed and you must e-mail this information to me once you place your order. Please understand that I am usually booked out 30 days in advance.

Daily Transits of the Moon: Every two hours the Moon changes a degree so the Moon unlike a planet can cause many influences throughout the day. Be a step ahead of these changes. 12 months are provided.

$30 to send through the mail
$15 to e-mail

Services for 2018

Personality Profiles: This is the best introduction to a person seeking basic astrological information on their Sun sign, Rising sign  as well as where your pl​anets were at the moment they were born. The architectural blueprint of your life. A 35 to 40 page report that lets you know where your planets were located when you were born. What sign and in what house they are in as well as the relationship they have with each other that helps shape, form and structure your personality, disposition and character. A copy of your natal chart is included. Sent out to you by priority mail.
$25 to send through the mail. Special, until January 1st 2019 now $20.
$10 to e-mail.


Personal Consultation:  A personal consultation is about 2 hours in length and is recorded and placed on 2 CD’s or a Flash Drive. Readings usually cover the next 2 years with the major planets. I will be examining the astrological patterns that are going on in your chart that will cause certain situations in specific areas of your life. The transiting and progressed planets are used to analyze the probable consequences so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that are before you or minimize the distractions because you can now assimilate and integrate this information. The initial follow up call is free which is included to address any further questions that you may have. Also, you get a copy of your natal chart and a 40 page written Personality Analysis that will discuss your Sun sign, Ascending sign and the sign your Moon is in as well as an explanation of all your planets and the houses that they lie in that further contribute to your personality. The Moon and planetary progressions are also included with the years’ worth of day to day forecasts that are specific for your chart that includes the four faster moving planets which are not discussed in the reading. 
Readings in my office; $120
Readings out of state; $125

Readings out of the country are $125 plus shipping costs.

Astro Carto Graphy:  Different locations accent different parts of your potentials and moving offers a way to accelerate your personal evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. Every location is good for something. The point of this report is to enable you to anticipate the nature of the influences at your potential residence or a location you intend to visit for business or pleasure as to utilize their most positive manifestations. Both transits and progressions are used to analyze the new area. So, if you’re thinking about moving or getting transferred to a new area then this report is a must. I will also take a look at your chart to make sure that this is good time for relocation. You can choose to just have the 15 page printout for 3 cities of your choice but understand there is no personal analysis or you can have a detailed analysis of one city that provides the paper work as well as a CD.   

$100 for a detailed analysis with my personal opinions put on a CD with the paperwork.
$15 for the printout of 3 cities that are e-mailed to you.

Astrological Sex Selection:

This service is based upon the research of Dr. Eugen Jonas from the 1950’ to the late 1960’s. He concluded that women had a dual fertility cycle every month. The ovulation cycle was responsible only 15% to 30% of all pregnancies. But he concluded that there was an independent fertility cycle based upon the relationship that the Sun and Moon had with each other when the mother was born that was responsible for 70% to 85% of all pregnancies. Both cycles will coincide within a 2-year period for an optimum period of fertility. He also found that the sign the Moon was in each month during the Sun and Moon cycle determined the sex of the child with an accuracy rate of 96%. So, if you’ve had difficulty in getting pregnant or if you would rather have a boy instead of a girl or vice-versus then maybe this is something you may want to embrace. I have never advertised this before but during my career I have introduced this to certain clients with sex selection being right 27 out of 28. Please understand these theories from Dr. Jonas are being presented to clients as information not a prescription. You will receive information for the exact 3 days each month when your Sun and Moon cycle at birth is being repeated for the next 2 years. Also, the sign the Moon is in to determine whether your choice is for a boy or girl. As with all services that I offer the birth date, birth time and city and state you were born is needed so that I can further analyze that this would be the proper moment to get pregnant.

$150 ​for CD and paperwork

Compatibility Analysis: This is a comparison of one chart to another chart. This can be romantic or business in nature. If romantic then the printout as well as I will analyze the wants, needs and desires of you and the other person. What kind of person are you looking for? What do you need and desire within a relationship? The values, morals and integrity that you desire from another person. If it is business compatibility, then this will let you know how you or the other person will get along with each other in a business climate. Are they suitable for that position? Are they loyal, honest and reliable? Is this a good time in their life to be changing jobs? This analysis includes a personality profile for each, copies of both natal charts, the compatibility printout which is about 25 pages, and a taped personal consultation about the transits that deal with business or the relationship are going on in each other’s chart. This is a must when you get serious about someone or for those of you going into business with another person. This report is very valuable in evaluating potential candidates with the Human Resource division of a company.  
$100 for paperwork and CD

Life Progressions: A 15 to 20 page report that takes into consideration that each day represents a year of life and the progressive change it brings. This takes into consideration the changes that will go on in the next 1 to 3 years in the evolution of the soul’s growth in a practical as well as a spiritual sense. The progressions work with the transits to show the future signatures that you are to embrace.

$20 to send through the mail
$10 to e-mail

Thomas Parsons PMAFA, CAP

Copy of your chart:
$5 to send by mail or free if e-mailed. Simply send me your birth data and I will scan your chart to your e-mail.

Copy of your Progressed chart:
$3 to send by mail or free if e-mailed.

Lectures on various topics: $350 for 2 hours
Parties with a 4 hour limit: $450
Private instruction: $50 an hour

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