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Mercury Retrograde

Usually 3 times every year and for about 3 weeks the planet Mercury which rules communication appears to slow down and go backwards in its apparent motion to the Earth. This is called a Retrograde motion which will be shown as Rx. It starts on March 5th and will not get back to direct motion until March 30th.  Many people as well as some astrologers dread this moment because they think that this is in some way detrimental, so that all communications are fraught with problems. Well, I do agree somewhat with that analysis but I could also say that this is a time in which a person can reflect upon himself and life and certainly peel away hidden layers so that they become familiar with their authentic self. This is because the planet’s qualities of communications are inverted to its normal expression so everything slows down and postponements or delays prevent one from moving into the future so our mind remains in the past until everything that we once started is finished. A moment in life in which we get a chance to pause and rebuild our individually by resolving the past so that we can then integrate a transition and bring a new stage of our evolution to the surface. With progressive thought, this leads to greater independence and self-assertion. Now, through this moment of Rx we get a chance to move beyond of how we have been conditioned as well as how others have conditioned us. So, it’s time to finish that book or projects around the home or get back in touch with someone. That’s why it may be hard to initiate new projects because your thoughts are in a holding pattern until you bring parts of your life to a conclusion. Yes, I would say in signing contracts, or buying a new computer or phone or even home or a car you must look at it very carefully because there can be errors on the part of other people that can cause problems or delays immediately or in the future but if you are cautious and read as well as understand what’s in the fine print you should be fine. But, then again you may even change your mind after the fact because new information can give you better insight concerning the issues at hand. Because Mercury is going Rx in the sign of Pisces which is all about your creativity and your intuition and the authentic ingredients of who you really are beneath the surface of your ego it may be time to finish up those projects around the home so that things become more fluid. Get back to that book you were writing or that portrait you were painting. Sweep away those old habits and let new plans become tangible. Let those unseen energies emerge so that you can focus on creating your dreams. It might be time to look over your health, home and car insurance policies to see if you can get better coverage at a lower price. Time to get that annual physical as well as see the dentist and it may be time to think about better nutrition. It’s also a time in which you want to get your own answers to opportunities that may be offered. Also, if your taking any kind of test you need to study. As life slows down you can listen and then evaluate those that are in your life. Expect to hear from people from your past. But that’s where the problem may lie because you are not the same person you were in the past, you have moved forward and some people are still anchored in the archaic past. So, this is a good time to re-process your connection with them. Once this is done you become much closer to some but there can be chapters that close with others.  Even with personal relationships or close friends old nagging problems can jump out of the closet but instead of being impulsive and distancing yourself from the conversation you need to examine and listen to both side of the issues. You also may want to think about starting a family so this is a good time to sit down and talk with your partner about children. Marshal all the information and exchange thoughts so that each of you have better insight and lessen the impact of what is coloring over factual perceptions. This way a more accepting behavior will move the relationship to a framework of greater truth. It’s also a time to become more assertive so quit procrastinating and begin to take action in your personal or professional aspirations so that there is more immediate gratification in the here and now.   


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