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​Horoscopes for October 2018

March 20-April 19
Your sign is naturally open, direct and assertive and certainly this is a month in which those attributes to act and be decisive will bring about change in a variety of areas. Even Mars your planetary ruler is in a positive pattern to help you execute your wants and needs. The problem lies in the fact that each year at this time the personal planets are in the sign of Libra which opposes you so that certain people or circumstances in life can impose upon what you desire to fabricate in your life. It’s very difficult for you to back down from any challenges and it’s not that you should but it is necessary that you be cool and calm with the presentation of your vocabulary. Saturn which can act like a brick wall is putting obstacles in your life which can even manifest with health issues so that you need to take much better care of yourself. This planet can constipate your life so try and be patient because life can go from the fast lane to a slow crawl. It may be time to look at your objectives or path in life. Usually when we become stuck we look for ways to get moving again so that this may be a time to think about reinventing yourself because those distortions can cause a panic reaction. I think this planet can be used as a legitimate tool to erase those objectives that have collapsed and nourish new potentials. It’s not that you are surrendering but simply changing course. A time in which you get a chance to prepare your intellectual craft to flow in a new direction. Become the compass so that you don’t waste time in the non-essentials but stick to the point so that your desires can begin to manifest in your personal as well as profession life. It’s time to activate that which has been on the back burner. So, it’s time to upgrade and reinvent many parts of your life so that the static in parts of your life brings a renewed heartbeat. The planet Mercury which is communication is in opposition to your sign so expect this to bring out adamant differences of opinion with some people which are a little jealous and envious because you won’t let fear stop you from moving forward with your objectives and goals. Read documents carefully and don’t sign any blank forms. You can get a little absent minded so be regimented in your thinking as well as opportunities need to be examined because there may be innocent or deliberate mistakes. All forms of the past may be knocking on your door. An old friend could be in town and want to get together which is fine as you reminisce about old times but it’s not a time to let this become a part of your present life. You just need to excuse yourself from certain people in your life. Hang on to valuables because you may be at some social venues in which there may be some people that lack values and principles. Education, even if it’s just seminars can be entertaining and spiritually awaking but do your research so that you are getting what you paid for. All social venues especially those that are odd and unique and lie outside the lines bring the excitement of adventure so start packing your bags. It’s a month in which the nectar of life will awaken the Divine flame within you so that matter and spirit become singular again. As this occurs you slowly become polarized with self-renewal so that you are no longer controlled or enslaved by the mechanization of society. It’s a time to purge yourself from that which stagnates you. This creates a stirring within that demands that you re-activate your life and take control of both your personal and professional life.  As you realignment your intentions they then become a new particle of matter.    


April 20-May 21  
Venus the planet of love is in an opposition to your sign which usually happens this time of the year. Because it rules your skin you may want to be more observant with what kind of soap or other products that you put on your body. You may also put on a few extra pounds because Venus also rules our appetite for fine wines and rich food and the more the better. Not exactly a time to get your hair done or get a facelift for the outcome could be very disappointing.  A few possessions like the car, TV, washer or refrigerator can have problems so that money is spend on the tangibles instead of you. Other people whether it’s best friends or even a relationship can get on your nerves because they think your life is about them and not you. Once last thing is that it rules the throat so the weather patterns are changing so dress accordingly. The planet Mars which deals with what you want in life wants you to start doing what you want, need and desire so it’s time to pay attention to your objectives and say yes to whatever you want in life. That’s why there’s conflict with others, you begin to sever yourself from their puppet strings. It’s a time to start your own business or ask for that promotion so start taking the initiative and put your dreams and visions into motion and don’t take no for an answer. It’s a time to be the producer not the product. The planet Neptune which rules the subjective ingredients of yourself says it’s time to dream and use your creativity. Art and music can play a very antidotal role so try and unlock more of the right side of the brain and immerse yourself with people or places that are outside the lines. Even things like going to baseball, or football games can get you out of your cocoon. Think about taking new classes on subjects that arouse your curiosity. Neptune is all about water so a vacation to Florida could cause you to start thinking that maybe it’s time to move there instead of vacation there. It’s about mind over matter and it’s time to roll up the garment of the old paradigm of living and make your move. Life may be somewhat overwhelming this month with the urge to transform you’re entire life because beneath the surface a new script is being written and the trash is being thrown out so have a drink and understand life as you know it is leaving but a new seed is taking root. Restructuring is not comfortable for you but the existing drives in your life need to be re-configured. Just plan in a systematic way the goals that are going to help you turn your visions into new achievements. Be somewhat cautious and check for facts so that you don’t waste valuable time on false ideals. Set your own boundaries and let go of that which you hold so tightly too so that you can propose a new set of protocols for yourself.

May 21-June 20
You are the child of the Zodiac with the wisdom of the elder and certainly a sign that always wants to play and this month you are surrounded with opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s what I love about your sign is that you will never grow old with your mind or body. You are a delight to be around and can hold your own within all kinds of social venues even though they are very demanding on you, but it’s can be much easier on you if you’ve had a few cocktails. If you’re unhappy with your job or even looking for one this is a time to be patient and choose carefully the direction you want to pursue there’s no reason to rush into tomorrow. Jupiter the planet of opportunity is in what we call an inconjunct which can present many offers but choose the one that gives you the most freedom and those things that you are looking for and not necessarily the most money, that’s because you’re not a product of the status quo but enjoy living outside the lines. Looks like every weekend is filled with social experience and whether it’s where you live or out of town greater joy is to be experienced as well as you get a chance to expand your knowledge and have fun while doing it; so, accept all invitations to do things that are non-linear. This is also a good time to market yourself in a personal way, let alone professionally so if your single quit procrastinating and don’t let the unknown create fear of change. You are filled with assets so don’t under estimate your value. Even issues that you have with your health seem to disappear overnight. They say that laughter is the best medicine so look for the comedy channel to hold your hand all month. Mars is also placing itself in your life so that’s it’s time to get physical. Get out and run that marathon or at least join a gym your body will be grateful. There will be a few people that will annoy you this month because they think they are your warden demanding that you listen and take their advice because they think you lack the ability to function on your own. Little do they know that your sign has the mind that can solve a cosmic puzzle. Your twin is experiencing good things on a different intellectual level. The planet Mercury which deals with your mindset and information is ready for adventure and the future so it’s providing a linkage to your brain’s perceptual apparatus so that you are becoming attuned to your core memory. There’s a New Moon on the 9th that can ignite the right side of your brain so that your dreams will take you back to Egypt, Greece or even Atlantis. There is a new set of comprehensible signals coming through that small voice within you so that decisions are made that change your geometric reality and reorganize your objectives and goals. You are becoming your own activist. It always gets a little confusing when your Soul is getting educated but you need to flex that warrior within you.  Strength of enterprise will drive you to accomplish greater purpose as you respond to the call of destiny. You are no longer blind to your tomorrow and are now beginning to identify with your goals, visions and purpose so that faith and knowledge now inhabits the immortal self. Your best days are ahead of you so entrust your mind as you move into a new frame of reference.

June 21-July 21
There are going to be issues in your life this month that can be very taxing. First Saturn the planet of limitations is opposing your sign so there can be problems especially with work. Un-wanted responsibilities as well as long hours and being unappreciated are just a few of the problems that can go on in your career. Certainly, you could lose your job or if you’re looking for a job be discriminating and accept what you want not what is offered, its not a time to panic. But, you may want to keep the liquor cabinet stocked this month to help release the tension. This planet can also affect your health, so it may be a time for a maintenance check with your doctor, dentist or other healing practitioners. Since your sign rules food and the stomach then you must be careful that you nourish your body with the right foods and proper exercise. Stress which will surround you can put knots in your stomach, brings about constipation as well as causes you to be very restless so good luck in getting a sound night’s sleep. The planets Uranus and Jupiter will slowly begin to bring more excitement and adventure in your life by creating your own schedule instead of following a boring routine. There’s more fun being off the grid then on it. Don’t worry about having a sense of purpose this month, it’s time to play so that life has no definition or sense of purpose. Replace the lack of security by jumping on a plane and heading for Vegas. Also, remember what goes on there needs to stay there. This will at least get you away from pacing the floor.  Even though you are a great salesperson or spokesperson and are filled with original and inventive ideas that will capture an audience, keep yourself around people that have a similar denominator. No dumb jokes just great wit and sarcasm.  With Venus holding your hand it may be time to buy a new car, clothes are other luxuries that make life more enjoyable. Make sure you accept all invitations this month because Venus doesn’t want you to sleep alone. The re-birth that began last year is now showing constructive results as your visions become a new reality for you. You are making positive movement in preparing for your future. You were ready for this yesterday and have endured the frustrations of harnessing this new growth and now it has taken form.  Have you invested in property, the stocks or just putting more money away in your 401K? Once again relationships not clients are very positive this month so get out and socialize and meet people of a common denominator.  It’s time to have faith and believe in the self as your imagination becomes the ideal producing new spectrums in your life in which those receptor cones in your eyes digest and understand. Be flexible to what is flowing for it will lead you to your own Eden. Neptune will cause you to venture out upon the path of the unknown and deactivate the ancient static patterns and invoke a new shape and form of reality. Because this planet also rules feelings it acts as a catalysis in bringing about romance and poetry.

July 22-August 22
It’s a good thing that you’re a Leo because I don’t know what sign could stand up to the smorgasbord of problems that are going on with you this month. Until the 9th the Sun and Mercury will be working with you to digest the problems and help to resolve others so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. After that life begins to test your strengths so, forget the aspirin and just get a bottle of wine. The planet Venus which deals with love but also things that make our life a little bit easier is in a negative aspect to you. On a mundane level look for minor problems with the conveniences of life. It also deals with your interaction with others whether they are a friend, co-worker or relationship so you may have to confront unpleasant issues. This alone can cause you to have a lack of energy as the moments of frustration even appear in your dreams. Try not to beat up on those that care for you. It would be better to just go work out to siphon off that negative energy. Part of this is comes from the planet Mars which is the verb of the zodiac but somehow asserting yourself and getting things done is fraught with one problem after another which can cause your vocabulary to slice and dice anyone that talks above a whisper. Try and be patient or you will need a broom to clean up the mess. It would be nice if you could get to a retreat up in the mountains and pampered yourself, but that reality will remain in the etheric world for now. You may also be just a little bit tired of what’s hanging in your closet, so you might want to think about updating that wardrobe as well as everything else in your life, but you need money to do that and life has put you on a budget.  Look for the past to want to open a dialogue with you, yea that sounds good, stayed anchored and let history occupy your presence. You need to watch being impulsive and demanding as your rights are being put on a leash. Some will think its time for you to see the therapist, but the skin of your sanity is not that thin.  Maybe that trip I talk about will help you become more centered. There could be friends or family that are paying you a visit that further intrude on your privacy so if you can get them to change the date that would be great if not get them out to a restaurant so that good food and a beverage of their choice can do the entertaining. When it comes to work, your ability to accept responsibilities is unquestionable but work could be slow or maybe you must deal with shallow people. Change is overdue so the more you can be flexible with your lifestyle and do the things you want the better you will feel. The planet Jupiter that normally puts a big smile on your face can cause your judgement to be cloudy so that what you thought was going to support, help and assist you falls flat so get as many facts to the opportunities that are before you. It’s an effort this month to activate your potentials and utilize your energy to transform the immortal organism of mind and body and expand their functions. With Uranus the planet of adventure holding your hang it’s a time to navigate new strands of possibilities as you arouse a new sense of your own power. This may be why you have problems with others is because your heart is beating for a breath of fresh air while those around you don’t mind that they are standing still and suffocating. Time to take control and empower yourself so that you take personal responsibility and cut off the apron strings of an artificial life. You have created a link so that you better understand what is behind the change which is propelling your consciousness to enter a new portal that will shed the radiance of love and light upon you.  Accept this pulsating essence and let the past fade into oblivion.

August 23-September 22.
Neptune continues to oppose your sign trying to lead you into a very unhealthy darkness. This planet rules the right side of our brain so, it’s all about feelings the subjective side. But, because it’s in a negative configuration it causes you to be overly sensitive to the point of being gullible so that others can take advantage of you because you can’t say no. So, try and be firm and say no to those that make you feel guilty if you don’t support them in some way. This will cause them to empower themselves instead of holding out their hand asking for your donation.  On the bright side of this month you have 6 planets that want to sweep you off your feet and open you up into a new realm of human experience. Your analytical mind begins to dissect in a very surgical way who you are, what you’ve become and your station in life. So, any static forces in your life begin to disintegrate as you focus on changing your life from the inside out. Persistence as well as your determination begin to change the dynamics in your life. It begins by re-organizing and getting rid of the clutter. Certainly, changing the décor of your home so that it lends itself in making constructive changes, then on to cleaning out the closets and addressing that to do list so that you bring greater harmony to your central core.  It’s important here to understand the dynamics of this. Determination on your part is overcoming any obstacles. Jupiter says its time to travel or at least expand in some way the parameters of your life. Maybe it’s time to read or write a book. Take a class or give a lecture but the more that you demand of yourself the greater the optimism because this is a moment of personal success.  As you reorganize and restructure with your realistic attitude a new belief in yourself because you have designed this new plan. Your sign is very conscious of your health so that this month working out and focusing on better nutrition causes that reflection in the mirror to look better than ever. The planet Pluto is playing a role here in that it has caused an internal awakening. So, things are being brought to the surface, even psychological residue so that you get a chance to purge and let go of the worn out parts of your life and begin a re-birth, a resurrection of the true self. Thus, an appetite for a new and exciting path begins to be sought by you. But this planet is all about moving slowly so this is not an overnight change. Those that are close to you can act as a catalyst in providing you with mental support and understanding so that they give you answers to your questions. The planet Uranus which deals with being assertive and putting your life into motion begins to reengineer your aspirations that in time brings about the essence of personal fulfillment. You need to open up the door and let others back into your life. Venus the planet of love says there can be personal or professional business proposals. So, accept all invitations that take you out of your normal social realms. This is an excellent time to retool your resume and look for another job or maybe there is a major promotion that gives you a title and a better pay-check. This could very well be the new paradigm of life that you’ve been looking for. The next stage of ascension because you begin to balance and synchronize the energy flow within your matrix so that a new phase of soul growth begins. Now, you understand what we already knew, it is within you to conquer these limitations that life put before you. As you reconfigure yourself, you give yourself permission to become reborn. The anesthesia has worn off so that you become awake to the experiences in real time.

September 23-October 22
Well, Happy Birthday to a sign that truly understands as well as radiates the word love. Your sole purpose is to bring the comforts of joy and happiness to those around you to the point of always giving more than you receive. The planet Mercury which deals with communication will be around until the 9th. This means your mind-set is alive and well but also needs to be nourished. Because there’s a New Moon in your sign on the 9th it’s time to fertilize your dreams and give them substance. These heavenly bodies will help you move beyond the parameters in which you now exist and bring opportunities to realize your aspirations in life. Is it a book that you want to write a class you want to take or a place you want to travel that will bring personal and professional gratification? Whatever captures your thirst needs to be explored. You’ve been a good listener but now is a time in which others need to listen to you. So, a time to express yourself and offer society better understanding that in turn helps them resolve issues so that evolution takes place not just within you but also those that listen carefully to what you write or say.  While there are others issues that are going on at least Mars the planet of action releases the anchors so that you can now move forward so that your human faculty can once again appreciate the esthetics of organic living. Becoming more in touch with your true self. But this planet also wants you to pay more attention to your wants and needs and put them first. This goes against your primal behavior but it’s time to take the reins and put together your thoughts and give them a direction, a velocity that can extract more information and knowledge. Because the planet Saturn, which deals with your path in life is in a negative configuration there are going to be obstacles with what you have been pursuing. In other words, the past may not be as relevant as it once was so be careful trying to fabricate what has become inert. The problem with this planet is that it doesn’t relinquish its power without a struggle. It wants you to live within a narrow bandwidth so as you begin to pursue new objectives and goals it can cause you to over analyze what is now being polarized and crawl back to what has made you safe a secure. You may want to quiet that voice of the ego. It is a planet that typically causes separation and divorce, because others want to control you not co-operate with you and even though you are able to compromise there may be nothing else to give.  But, that’s what re-birth is all about moving yourself into more relevant aspects of life that are authentic to you. Organic living is very seldom easy but it does represent growth and a new catharsis of life. In a much more personal way it’s time to take the control and expand your intellectual surroundings. Stand up for yourself and say no to others and yes to yourself. Because your judgment is very accurate and clear it’s time to create new horizons. Relationships are very stable the first 10 days of the month but if you’re currently alone look for positive and exciting changes to bring about a new frame of reference in the love life. This is a time in which you become a vessel so a time of gratitude but realize a new vibratory wavelength of communication is beginning to recover the inner path to your Divine Realization. It’s all about permitting yourself to absorb the true meaning of being an individual. Your conscious being is ascending and with fluent application you then open yourself to new stellar dimensions. The crucible of this month is the merging of death with new life and as the month goes on it will begin to lose some of its sting.

October 23-November 21
The planet Neptune that deals with your dreams and visions is starting to condense your imagination so that a new rhythm of substance that will perpetuate the potency to process the conversion of your cravings and compulsions to satisfy your needs. A slow process that will unfold into tangible realities. It’s starts very slowly with you fixing this and that but it then becomes apparent that you’re ready for more transformative changes sooner than you think. Soon, there is nothing left to fix or throw out within your life, so it then causes you to gravitate into repositioning yourself to a path that has a larger grid within its network. It’s a time of now or never and this is what you realize, you’re not getting any younger so, embrace the idea of letting go with a stage of life that has served you well and react to the feelings and the forces that are within you. What’s been on your mind needs to come off the shelf and become fabricated in your life? Even your planetary ruler Pluto is on board to help you thin out and purge that which no longer satisfies your thirst. The gravitational anchors of security and safety which have created routines give way as you infuse a new molecular matrix. Others are there to support you with bringing the unborn into crystallization as you fashion a new constant in your life. Major moves as well as job changes come under these guidelines. It’s just a matter that you are beginning to resonate with your true integrity so in order to bring balance back into your life, give way to the pressures and conditions of the moment and become the true pioneer. Just as a new life awaits you in the professional area you need to understand that the void in the area of relationships will begin to be filled. With Venus coming on board the excitement of relationships takes on a very positive role in your life. This planet makes sure that the perpetuation of the species is insured. It’s like who doesn’t love you? Your social life increases, new friends are being made as well as this is a great moment to embrace the opposite sex. Think about relocating so that true incarnation can take place which bring about new habit patterns and greater joy and personal happiness as well as get you out of the tomb that your former life was happy with. You are being given the key that will open you up to self-discovery. Anyone that tries to tell you what to do or doesn’t nourish your wants and objectives needs to be put aside. You normally crave order, its like an addiction but fixed pathways can become boring and stale so this month be flexible, your brain will be much happier.

November 22-December 21
You have 3 planets, Mars, Mercury and the Sun shining on you this month to cause ideas, plans or other patterns that have been on the back burner to come alive and begin to play an active role in the construction of new guideposts from the existing reference points that have mentally streaming for the last few months. Mars, which is all about being motivated says it’s a time of productiveness as you re-energize those visions that have been circling around you. New ideas, techniques, skills and products to propel you forward with excitement as a new adventure of life unfolds. As your consciousness becomes more liquid the seeds of development become fabricated. There is no reason not to be impulsive or spontaneous as you invent a new story in your life. With Mercury the planet of communication in your face then contracts, sales or business should bring greater rewards. It’s time to get out of hibernation and meet your friends for dinner or drinks and make it a point to introduce yourself to new people which in turn can be challenging but yet motivate you into opening a new chapter of your life especially with business. With the personal planets being in the sign of Libra which is all about interacting with others certainly personal or professional harmonious relationships can develop quite quickly so it’s a time to be impulsive not conservative. This is a month in which you see things very clearly so that others respect your judgment and constructive advice. Life begins to turn around and become lighter as the gravity of the past ceases to be. Freedom to enjoy more aspects of life so that you need to accept invitations that get you out of the house. Also, your reputation is starting to precede you so many different aspects of work becomes much more rewarding but it may take away from your play time. It’s all about getting ready to cross over into the next threshold and liberate yourself from outdated programming. Hit the override switch and break the bonds that you have on this planet so that you can begin that upward spiral to initiation. You have a mind that can demonstrate to all of us the intellectual potentials that can be activated so that you gather a following in some way. Whether it’s writing or getting up on stage you become an instrument of enlightenment to all that are before you. The lid has been removed from your perceived limitations so that a new layer of conception materializes. Neptune may place certain people or circumstances in your life that causes you to doubt yourself so, remember that you are the archer and where can’t that arrow land to infuse a heightened sense of purpose.

December 22-January 19
This month it may be tempting to be somewhat impulsive and test your limits, but it would be better if you’re authentic onto your sign and played a more conservative and rational role in all aspects of your life. Professional relationships can be very stressful and frustrating because you more than anyone understand the sacrifices that you have had to endure in order to be in the position of life that you are now in. It wasn’t a snap of the finger that got you to where you are today. Well, once again you are reconfiguring your professional position which is going to take up a lot of your time in order to build upon your existing foundation because others are questioning your authority. This comes from Saturn your planetary ruler which has moved into your sign. Others may be somewhat jealous or envious because through your persistence and determination you rise to any challenge. It’s just that it’s an excellent time to seek out improving many aspects of your life that go beyond the job. So, you need to be aware of those people that are trying to hold you back or making you think twice about the opportunities that lie before you. There can be differences of opinion as well as others compromising the truth so be careful whom you trust. It’s not a time to give anyone at work the benefit of a doubt, it must be all about proven facts. Less time with family and friends but utilizing the raw materials within you to bring about more secure aspirations with your career that prove once again that you can manifest whatever you need through your devotion to be all that you can be. You do need to take time to indulge yourself with a massage, do a little yoga and certainly art and music could play a very major role in bringing physical and aesthetic comfort. If you’re in a relationship you need to discuss the steps that you are taking with yourself and work so that they better understand the evolution that they will be a part of, thereby working with you to support the long hours that you are putting in. Whether its social venues or getting out of town just for a romantic weekend try and fit this into your schedule. This will help to balance the yang and yin of your life. This is also a great time to propose or get married. Through this month new people will support and assist you as you awaken to the vastness of life and with greater discernment of your thoughts and ideas you achieve a balanced state so that work and play are back into your life as you enter the month of November. A new blueprint begins to unfold as many different grids begin to interconnect and create a new template. You have creative vision and ideas so bring them into your reality and then watch new growth expand the framework of your purpose. As you test the opportunities that lie before you the instinctive patterns of primitive mental behavior undergo a new mode of expression in which your individual rights are given expression.

January 20-February 18
More of the durable elements of life begin to show their age and may have to be replaced with something much more technically advanced. You can start with painting some walls, getting a new washer and dryer but moving on into more opulent luxuries like a new furniture or new car, but these need to be on your list of things to get so that some parts of your life become more fluid. Updates bring excitement because the past becomes irrelevant as it becomes dismantle. There might be some slight problems with friends, loved ones or maybe even those at work but they won’t bring any kind of prolonged drama. Your skin could be more sensitive than usual so stick to the same forms of hygiene. Friends that you have known from the past and that live out of town may want to touch base with you and reconnect the circuits. It’s a great time so take a few days off and revisit past memories because it may be a very long time before this opportunity presents itself again. This should be a very motivating month mentally, but many responsibilities weigh you down so that you may find yourself going to bed very early. It’s a month in which you seem to be pushing yourself and others so that greater satisfaction is achieved in completing projects that have deadlines within your personal and profession pursuits. Trust me as the days go by others see the quantity of qualities that are authentic to your character so more attention is being paid to you. Personally, and professionally you are on top of the world. Life becomes more liberating as you detach yourself from boundaries that have stressed you out. People that you know can cooperate and be useful with bringing greater joy and enthusiasm in the expansion into new territories instead of life being downsized. Your soul is being schooled on how to recognize original waveforms so that you can shape new vibratory structures of life. Once completely activated your mind will begin to project out from your geometric center so that new creations emerged from a tracing into an image. Changes should be the keynote in life right now for it will serve to bring mutual shared polarities and responsibilities within the circumference of your life. Because you live in a 24-hour day there can be some frustrations in giving your reality a timetable.

February 19-March 19
Well, this month you begin to breathe again as your heart begins to unite with the world of form. You are now able to sort through the clutter as you begin to restructure and actually organize in a systematic way your thoughts and ideas and give them tangible expression. The shift in consciousness that you’ve been experiencing which has brought confusion in your life has come to its close. The remnants of your seed have come together as one so that the scriptures of the Light are before you. It has been your own courage that is finally creating a more abundant life for yourself that brings clarity of purpose. I would like to say that you have completed your initiation but there are more intentions coming from the violet flame within you. The planet Uranus will cause you to want to move forward as quickly as possible with your aspirations. You have conquered fear and given yourself definition to be. You now have a mind of your own that will serve you well. This causes you to start putting up boundaries and learning to say no without feeling guilty, the days of surrender are over. With a new sense of power, others become very attracted to you so that growth brings emotional stability and causes the heart to beat a lot faster.  This may be the perfect moment to let someone buy you a drink or accept a dinner date. Art, music and certainly spiritual endeavors like philosophy or astrology need to be participated in. These are part of your organic ingredients that can be utilized in a constructive way to bring about respect from your professional environment.  It’s one of those months in which your intuition can get a little scary because you are no longer limited to the conscious realms but can hear the Angelic commands, this is real life for you. It’s also a time in which many of the emotional and physical problems that have been in your life begin to slowly redefine themselves so that you begin to heal on all levels. The counterfeit version of the self is gone. New thoughts power you to manifest your spiritual endowments to bring about a defined state of bliss. This is because you have open up a new threshold of consciousness so that you permit higher evolutionary intelligences to work through you. Many of your material needs are purchased in a sequential way so that it’s time for new clothes, new place to live, new car or going on vacation to places that you may become anchored to soon. While your career has given you greater responsibility it has also increased the parameters of your knowledge so that you are not just the problem solver you realize that you make others look good so why not think about embarking into your own business.


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