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April 20-May 20
Change is difficult to synthesize in your life but if you understood that you’re really preventing evolution of your consciousness you might be more of a willing participant and permit yourself to embrace greater external expression within life. This month Mars and the Sun gang up on you to first cause you some health problems so make sure vitamin D-3 is in your diet to help bolster the immune system and put distance between you and those that are sick or not feeling well physically or psychologically. Once you get past the 10th of the month this negative energy will dissipate. You might be more of a defensive driver with less petal to the metal to lessen accidents. There may also be some people that annoy and aggravate you because they think they know what’s best for you so just let them know you can push your own buttons. The planet Pluto says it’s time to enable the Soul and make a new contract with yourself. Visions, dreams and your imagination need to be given an external expression. Yes, I’m asking you to let the right side of the brain take control and be your guide if you want the plan to happen. You have the ability to concentrate and focus and with your persistence of thought you can materialize anything but, that’s just it, you need to learn to let go of that which no longer serves your thirst. You need to be your own voice so don’t let others push you into making decisions that will not serve your infinite purpose. It’s time to act like the pioneer and push yourself beyond the boundaries and into the unknown. The vacuum gives way to many new creations that you have engineered.  It’s time to build your own Ark and rescue yourself and others that give continuity to the seed that will deliver you to a new job, place to live or a relationship that will sustain and facilitate a new network of living and being.  As time goes on you manifest the seeds you planted, a new linear matrix in life. So, love yourself enough so that you liberate yourself from  any kind of bondage and implant a new destiny that gives you sovereignty. Even the planet Saturn will encourage you to design a new path for yourself as it reveals the areas of your life that you need to let go of. Venus, your planetary ruler and the planet of love says its time to make a commitment so that a relationship becomes an entity on to itself. February can be brutal at times so why not escape that reality and create a reality in which the warm water of the ocean is caressing your body. Last of all Mars the verb of the zodiac says get your life moving physically and mentally and make sure that you don’t take no for an answer so that you empower your dreams. This planet also deals with your physical desires so the person that holds your heart needs to start taking their vitamins or else you need to start running a marathon.

May 21-June 20
Your life is slowly resurrecting itself after being exiled into the darkness by those who had a limited understanding of how your heart operates. But it was your own emotional assessments that prevented the host of liberation from intervening. You are always trying to do the right thing because you have a very compassionate consciousness. This month you really need to have your space and think about your needs and not what others need or want from you. This is because Uranus the planet of liberation is making it’s final chapter before it moves on to the sign of Taurus. It’s now or never in taking complete control of what you desire and not what people desire of you. The flip flopping has come to an end, so you can breathe again. This month Mercury the planet of communication and Jupiter the planet of truth as well as your aspirations is playing games with you so that you retrace your actions because of guilt and give others the benefit of a doubt. This is not a time to let the Gemini in you to vacillate. You’ve made some serious thought-provoking decisions so stick with it and move out of the playground you’ve been in.  It’s not that you can’t handle responsibilities it’s that others impose themselves upon you to help them with their agendas but somehow disappear when you need help or their cooperation in dealing with things in your life. Sounds a little lopsided to me. So, try not to surrender just to minimize those that are getting in your face. The second half of the month the Sun which deals with your self-esteem teams up with Uranus the planet of excitement to bring sudden as well exciting changes that could deal with your job or a new relationship that has mutual shared goals. Be impulsive and outside the lines for what lies before you is a more quantified vision of your future.  Your social life is back with friends, loved ones and great conversation but it’s time to join new groups that will help expand your interaction with others.  Now there is a call to have faith to redefine your divinity and restore the joy and bliss in your life but be discerning for all that glitters is not gold.  There can be opportunities that will serve as a new cornerstone of a different vibratory rate to prepare you with the power of instruction and deliver the spark to beget a new fruit. This is due to the planet Uranus which deals with your future and new techniques, and skills that begin to shape a new life style that you are completely in accord with. There is now no proportion of space that holds you in bondage. Decisions made on the New Moon which is on the 4th are the best time to act in creating a new reality. You recognize those shape shifters that are in your life but because of your level of consciousness they can no longer transform your polarity. As your energy becomes reorganized the mental dimensions give you greater perceptions of knowledge which can be advantageous in marketing for a new job.  Your personality codes are being reconstructed so that you can assimilate these rapid upper levels of conscious Light. The Divine human that you are is coming on line.  Remember to have greater patience with yourself as this new rhythm unfolds. There’s a Full Moon on the 19th so get out and let it embrace you.

June 21-July 21
Don’t take it personally because we all at one time or another go through a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety when we try to establish here on Earth our Divine Plan. Because re-birth is a sequential process the quantifying of new energy is not done with a snap of a finger. Sometimes our inherited tendencies as well as issues when we were growing up make it difficult to get on the path of further ascension. You can thank Pluto for this because it is in opposition to you, so it’s time to thin out and streamline your life and get rid of needless excess, but this is a slow process, so you may need to have a cocktail more than just in a while. Even Uranus, the planet of change is making you very restless and moody but try not to be impulsive or have others try and push you into things that you’re not ready for. As they say it’s the journey not the destination. There is a point of light with your thoughts as they begin to create changes in your attitude after the 9th as Mercury the planet of communication enters the sign of Pisces so it’s time to listen to yourself and stop denying your feelings. Mercury gives you a chance to start reprogramming your response.  No more will you look in the rear-view mirror for the radiance of the Sun is before you, causing those temporary seeds that you’ve sown to become fabricated.  New portals have opened, giving you greater ability to sense that the social and material status of your life now has a heartbeat. You begin to sever long term connections that are becoming very shallow. You need to let your desires fuel you at this time as Mars the planet of action and assertiveness says its time for growth. Neptune brings genuine opportunities to expand the subjective properties of your life into physical definition. Are you reading a book or writing one? Is it a wall that your painting or a canvas? Lectures or seminars that lie out of state help to thin out illusions to bring greater truth and faith. Your mind is alive with ideas and thoughts that prevent you in taking no over an answer. Conversations will lead to the signing of contracts that bring fulfillment with the re-programming of relationships and your career. Your intimate love life is showing no boundaries so there may be many opportunities to enhance the sensuous pleasures your life.

July 22-August 22
This is a month of all work and very little play. When planets are in Aquarius which is your opposite sign then they certainly begin to test your strengths. So, there are 3 heavenly bodies that are doing just that, trying to press your buttons and tell you how to run your life. The people that are guilty of this kind of rudeness can be easily sliced and diced by you verbally in a way that they think you just gave them a compliment. I love the Leo charm. Communication does get better after the 9th so that there’s less stress but Mars walks in around 13th and contributes to the noise coming from others so try and keep yourself centered will people that are abusing the welcome mat. There will be problems at work with your schedule or supervisor so be on time and swallow your pride and do what you have to do in order to survive. It’s like you’re locked in a state of non-evolution having to deal with people that think they are smarter then you but I think they may need another life time to catch up with your mind-set. I think this will cause you to start thinking about establishing a new plan whether it exists at the end of the street or in another state. So, time to activate your energetic body and prepare to experiment into new realms of where you live and work. Change has been part of the mind set for the last 6 months so it’s now or never in establishing those new objectives. Simple little things like going to a new restaurant or attending social venues that are a little outside the lines of what you usually do on a Friday or Saturday night can act like a tuning fork so let the experiment begin. You are a person that can take control and re-program yourself and life and rid yourself of the chaos so don’t let others speak for you right now. It’s just that Mars the planet of war may take issue with you if you decide to assert your wants and needs. You may want to make sure you do the speed limit, but then again you may be in the car driving to a place that normally takes 20 minutes and now 2 hours later you’re still trying to get there. Education or reading are great outlets as well as renting movies that connect with the cores issues of your life, things that you resonant with. Friends or relationships can be a give or take now so why not concentrate on plans that lie 1 to 3 months down the road that deal with new aspirations, like things to do or places to go or live and work. Here you are ready to go and everything else in your life is at a standstill so it’s up to you to create your own excitement and for those that want to share with you that’s great, but don’t be afraid to do things on your own. Put some of that income tax return into your rainy day fund. You may find that your libido is on a holiday, but that is very short termed. Being Leo the true lion you have the ability and fortitude to alter the course of events in your life so that there’s a very positive outcome.

August 23-September 22.
Let’s start with what’s good about the month. You are trying to break through the barriers that are in your life so that you can create new pathways not only with your personal life but the professional life. With the planet Saturn in a complimentary pattern to your sign, what can’t you accomplish within many levels of your life experiences? This is the planet of perseverance and conviction of thought. So, that which has been in a holding pattern is about to be given dimension into your reality. No more hoping, wishing or waiting the time has come to manifest that new job, make a move or give a relationship a destination. Matter of fact the bigger the project the more that you have the chance of materializing it. Who does not want to cooperate with you and help nourish your creative expression. This is a good time to ask for that pay raise, market yourself to another company or open up your own business. As you raise the vibration of your human vehicle your ascension begins to support your intentions. The planet Pluto which rules your soul or deeper parts of your being is actually drawing up a new blueprint for you to follow. Slowly your life is beginning to resurrect itself from the shadows in which you use to live in. It’s a matter of permitting yourself to plant seeds that you have selected, not others, so that you can reach those higher levels of material and spiritual expression. This will help release you from the karmic barriers that have been strangling you for quite some time. Your life has been at a crossroads so to keep from falling back into the confusion and chaos you need to walk through a new portal that will put a wall of protection around you and lead onto the ascension. Say yes to your personal choices that will cause you to engage in the unknown which in time will thin out the illusions that brought about that spiritual amnesia. There are some problems here because you have family or friends that won’t let you renounce the former person that you were. Some are very close-minded, critical and even callous and offer little nourishment or assistance with the reconfiguration in your total being. Don’t let them impregnate fear within you, you can outgun the best of them. Venus the planet of love will begin to hold your hands after about the 2nd week so that sensuality, intimacy and invigorating conversations become a pattern of your destiny. Now for the negative configurations because you always walk away remembering it. The planets Neptune and Jupiter can cause you to doubt that your visions will ever get off the ground. I am here to say that you may modify those dreams but the essence of them, will in a step by step and sometimes laborious way become embodied so that we will see you walking on that red carpet of life. Even though this is a very productive month especially with relationships you need to examine the opportunities that are offered you. Ask questions and read things carefully so that the truth has less of a chance in being compromised. 

September 23-October 22
Two planets have been making and will continue to make patterns that deal with letting go of a way of life so that the reconstruction processes of your life can move forward. The problem is that there are a lot of obstructions that can’t be cleared away all at once so, you will have to learn to be patient with yourself. The traditional structures of your life are becoming less viable and it’s time to live your life in a way that expresses your true self.  So the harder you try to hold on to what used to be important in life the harsher the consequences. I’m not saying to throw everything away and start over but begin to utilize your energy more constructively so that your life is much more streamlined. Start paying greater attention to the goals that you are pursuing and not let others lead you into their false designs. The planet Saturn which deals with being objective and determined will hold your hand for the rest of the year and this is one of the primary planets that will place obstructions in your life but that’s just it when obstacles are before you maybe it’s time to reevaluate what you are pursuing. Saturn will give you greater definition when you start becoming more self-sufficient because it can give clarity as it polarizes your true goals but it’s not a planet that puts you on the fast track in reaching them. Jupiter the planet that gives good judgment will hold your hand for most of the year but for it to expand your aspirations in life you must renew the self with faith. While most of this month can bring problems with friends, work and your relationship it causes you to focus on fulfilling your truth. So, why not go into a brief state of hibernation and address those things that you’ve put on the back shelf. While Venus the planet of love and Mars which causes other to demand instead of asking can be a little irritating let purpose begin to guide you so that you can shed any residues of dependent disorders. You should be able to feel the frequency within you changing so that a greater understanding of what is relevant to the development of fundamental truths and beliefs causes you to make your own predictions. Your thoughts have greater focus so that seminars, lectures or even reading and writing promote the capacity to cleansed the self thus connecting with those that come from the same true source. This then invites partnerships of trust and good taste and with diplomacy and the sharing of culture you then invite affection from another. The re-creation of your temple is nothing more than sacred geometry. Years ago, or maybe life times you began the stimulation of your root chakra the dense part of the self and now after many years of spiritual massage you have reached your destination of the crown chakra which connects you with the Absolute. Because of this you will recognize very quickly the toxicity outside your door so, choose carefully those you wish to open your arms to.

October 23-November 21
About the only problem this month is that others may be somewhat jealous of the limelight you’re going to be in all month. This could operate somewhat physically so take your vitamins and eat responsibly and put some distance between you and those that are sick. This is an excellent month to start delineating where certain people belong in your life. It’s just that you have been feeling the need for conversation and not yes or no answers. So, slowly you begin to purge those in your life that are satisfied with the status quo. It’s time to take back control over yourself and re-examine your motivations that got you so entrenched not only with these people but how did your emotions gain dominance over your intellect?  The best part is that you have awaken so you now begin to restore your mental sight and power of speech. To support this ascension process you need to detoxify all aspects of your life, let’s remember you are a carbon-based and in order for you to merge into a higher state of consciousness which is a crystalline structure you need to first cleanse the body of meat and animal products, fried food and carbonated drinks. Get into exercise or start taking some yoga classes to get those meridians flowing. Take yourself on a vacation to Florida so that you can bathe in the Sun for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.  Let the cleansing process begin. Your character even takes on structure and a comprehensive plan of action is initiated. Dedication and persistence is given to your imagination and dreams so that the career goes from an abstract perception to propositions that bring new securities with your image and your material assets. Illusion has run for the hills so that you see the value of building a new world for yourself. It’s time to create a new time cycle and allow inspiration to fabricate your world of tomorrow. This brings about a critical leap in your personal search as you begin to embrace your deepest inherent urges so that potent portals open you to new visualizations. It’s a great time to market yourself for a new job and a relationship could either begin or be given a definite objective like a proposal. The chains of attachment will no longer hold you back as you feel free to soar into a world that will invigorate intense motion.

November 22-December 21
 It’s time to show your appreciation towards another and Valentine’s day is right around the corner. So, go out and purchase that Hallmark card, the dozen roses and make reservations at a restaurant you can’t afford. Relationships as well as friends in which there are some kind of mutual or shared goals bring greater love, stability, and some kind of reward or honors. It’s time for that adventurous spirit to come out and do things or go places that are outside the lines of the accepted norm. Certainly, going to concerts or the theater could be exciting but places like Florida or Costa Rica could really get your blood flowing. Spontaneity is the key here not traditional thinking. Seminars or taking classes that give intellectual stimulation and expand that higher IQ of yours are best approached this month for there aren’t many questions that you don’t understand or know the answer to. Maybe it’s time to write that book or have someone mentor you. Even updating your phone, computer or web-site are best done at this time. You need only measured amounts alcohol or you might find yourself in big trouble. Be very careful with what you say at work and to whom you say it to because within the shadows are hidden enemies that can reveal truths that weren’t meant for exposure. Giving some people the benefit of a doubt or being blindly optimistic can bring tension and frustration so check the facts as well as the fine print. Read all paper work or contracts in great detail there good be innocent or deliberate mistakes that could cost you money or your reputation. Try and be tactful when misunderstanding arise or when others begin to test your limits. Your creation has a frequency or vibration that is now being modulated so that you realize your purpose within your cellular time is in the process of creating new geometries that bring about a new Alpha the energy of truth. It’s all about the future and taking the right path and not being seduced with detours. This is a time in which you will use your words to create and connect with your desires so that perfection is achieved in many areas of your life as the true self become unified. Thus, a central point of reference is being composed. The New Moon on the 4th is a time to fertilize ideas that may be outside the lines but bring endless opportunities for mutual growth, the blending of your ideas with another.

December 22-January 19
This is a month of re-organization that will generate creative content within your domestic and professional processes of living but settle down and try to do this in a step by step way. You don’t like things out of order, but patience is a virtue here. You have greater intellectual judgment as well as the capacity to spread yourself thin so that anything that you attempt has a rewarding outcome. About the only thing you need to be careful of is others trying to keep you anchored to the past. As you begin to assert your intellectual drive you can begin in your home to start new projects that will instill that new definition of yourself by bringing changes into your surroundings. If there are major projects you may want to get an interior decorator because you’re not exactly an abstract thinker but smart enough to hire one. Being a born leader you put a lot of time into professional matters but in doing so you neglect the physical tapestry of your body so time to whip that body back into shape. Start with real food and less out of the box or can. Join a group if you lack the desire to get motivated on your own. You may want to be more receptive to the opposite sex because they may act as a catalyst in discovering a new context from within that in turn brings deviations from normal growth patterns in your personal relationship. It’s also time to break down inhibitions and reform the formulas that now occupy your life. You may find yourself feeling a greater thirst for the tangibles and sensual gratification so don’t feel guilty with spending some money on more opulent factions of life. If you get a chance, why don’t you ignite those nerve endings and head for any warm beach and take someone with you because you just don’t know how to relax by yourself. It’s time to feel the presence of spirit and getting away from work and your conditioned environment is the only way to touch base with the organics of your being. Whether it’s personal or professional it is a great time to start your own business or choose that wedding date. Relationships need to be defined or it will waste the resources of your youth.

January 20-February 18
First of all Happy Birthday and what we call a Solar Return because the Sun has circled the Zodiac to once again bless you with its love as you renew the authentic self with greater expressions in the coming year. The planet that rules your sign is Uranus which deals with the words odd, eccentric and liberation, we that know you see this expression within you all the time. Where is your tattoo located because I know you have at least one? While Uranus is in the sign of Aries right now it is working in a constructive way to bring all your hopes and dreams into a tangible manifestation in a very spontaneous way so it’s time to be impulsive and shoot from the hip. This then causes you to be in greater control because of the independence given to explore the landscape of life. So greater excitement and freedom as your future becomes molded by your independent thoughts. Also, the planet Jupiter is holding your other hand to polarized and synthesize your aspirations as you break away from the status quo of your life.  No compass needed this year, because this planet gives excellent judgment so that what you seek can be defined. People in higher positions take notice of your professional performance so expect a pay raise with that promotion. You’re not a sign that likes to sit still because it promotes sheer frustration and if you do, others better duck for cover especially after the 14th.  It comes from the planet Mars that places people or circumstances in your life that annoy as well as aggravate you because they are trying to tell the captain of the team what the next play should be. Other aspects of your life that will help keep you centered are certainly relationships which can offer greater excitement and enthusiasm as you experience new places to go and venues to explore which can bring laughter till its time to get up and go to work. This is a month in which your personal life is given greater spontaneity which feeds the perversion of your thought processes. You need new horizons and more challenging initiatives not boundaries. So, self-realization says I need new chapters of experience so maybe it’s time to shop around for a new job or a new place to live, or go from dating to marriage. You are in a state of transition and your vibratory rate is increasing so that you are becoming one with the Living Light thus making yourself receptive to new instructions, new codes that will change you and your approach to life. If you have any free time then try and take a class to help you manifest new visions.

February 19-March 19
Those that know you realize that you function from the heart. You are very sensitive, so you are receptive to feelings or I could say the formless. Because of this it can be a constant struggle to remain true to your identity because you are easily influenced by others. Also, because of this heightened sense of receptivity you are the most clairvoyant of all the signs. You see and feel the deeper truths hidden within our reality as well as people that come before you. Because the planet Saturn which deals with being objective is in a positive pattern to your sign there is a greater discernment and empowerment so that you think before you act. Finally, your defense mechanisms are alive and well which then increases your awareness so that you can say no to people and not feel guilty. With Neptune your planetary ruler in your sign you can step into alter states of consciousness. Be prepared not only to sense other realities but beings from those realities. Your creativity is at an all-time high so whether it’s writing, playing music or painting a canvas, others will be amazed at what you have accomplished. So, as you increase your understanding of this creative growth you will begin to channel if you choose to accept and give shape and structure to this awareness. With your lack of self-confidence you may think that you need to suppress this spiritual gift because it may further isolate you from others. What it’s going to do is open you up to a more authentic way of life. You’re a creative person so why not indulge yourself in taking classes that will help channel your imagination using art, photography, music, drama classes or classes on spiritually or religion to express your sensitivity in a more tangible way. The potency of your creativity and imagination is an essential part of your life and this month the planet Mars after the 14th says it is time to promote your visions and get a fresh start. It also with the planet Venus which is all about love says it’s time to be impulsive and take action and let that healthy warrior emerge to satisfy those intimate urges. As you begin to defy gravity and distance yourself from the past your intuition gives you sharper focus so that new concepts become an essential part of your life. With the toxins having been purged the baptismal of building a new future is right around the corner. It’s time to draw up a new plan as well as what you want to personally achieve for yourself both personally and professionally. There is an increase with your physical and mental energy so that your assertive spirit allows you to project yourself into new ventures that prove your uniqueness of being. Certainly I can’t talk about your sign and not bring love and romance into the conversation. Your star grids have already intersected and fused with others which has created a lattice network of spiritual embodiment to bring about new friends that introduce you to people that are more appropriate for you. Your life is undergoing a transplant that is creating a new atmosphere for you to participate in. It’s time to accept new responsibilities and get yourself out of the shadows.


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​Horoscopes for February 2019

​Minor problems this month with technical things breaking down like the computer or cell phone as well deciphering conversations with others. So, it may be time to update and whether it’s getting a new computer, car or wardrobe, make sure you get what you want and not what the salesman thinks you should be buying. It’s a month to take control and move beyond the conditions that you presently exist in. Because Saturn which represents the great wall of China is standing in front of you it wants you to stand still and resist the impulse to break out of the old habitual habit patterns. Well, if you do become reluctant to move forward then you need to understand the framework of the dimension you occupy will put one limitation after another upon you until you decide to take a detour. Others may even criticizie everything you do so, watch that you stand firm with your convictions which come from a source of pure intention. It is an excellent time to update your web-site site or social networks like Facebook. Uranus which is about to leave your sign after 7 years continues to bring the wind of change into your life so it’s time to breathe in and nourish the shifting and resist the continuity of the status quo. New bridges need to be built so that you can cross over and experience the energy of a new grid system. This in turn will cause you to rebuild cell by cell the garment needed as you create a new conscious mapping for greater progressive changes in your direction. Little things like reinvigorating your home with a new paint or furniture motivate you to create greater dramatic changes within the collective whole of your life. As the static of your life dissipates a new paradigm of life begins to open for you. Place yourself into new surroundings whether it’s a new restaurant or jumping on a plane and flying to the Caribbean. Create new relationships in which there are common dominators. Ask for that raise at work or expand the parameters with new products and services if you own your own business.  More than ever this month enables you to make personal choices that open you up to process your dreams into a creative form. The pendulum begins to swing back and forth to bring an active flow to your life as new relationships that contain mutual goals are set, and in time achieved. The process of the unknown is what you need to engage in. It’s an excellent time to begin to streamline your life and get rid of the needless excesses. This month is all about a physical and mental rebirth because the Temple within you has chosen to re-shape the wavelength that your vibration has been anchored to. There will be a lessening of  ties with those that do not have mutual shared desires.


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