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April 20-May 21  
Well, the holidays are upon you but your sign is all about being prepared so the gifts have been bought, the liquor cabinet is stocked, the Christmas cards have been sent and you’ve accepted the invitations to wine, dine, relax and enjoy great food, cocktails and most of all the people that you love. This is a story that could be on TV. Part of all these wonderful comforts is because you’ve loosened up those purse strings and have been a little impulsive in money matters. Just make sure you save your receipts because shooting from the hip has caused you to buy things for others that may have to go back for one reason or another. It would be great if you could get away for the holidays especially to the mountains for skiing or the ocean so the Sun can put a glow on your skin as well as in your heart but if you can’t then open your home to family and friends so that you can breathe in the love, just be somewhat discriminating if you can with the invitation list. I would think that there are some luxury items underneath the tree to show that someone went all out for you because the bottom line is that you’re sharing a connection that started many lifetimes ago. You may want to buy a few lottery tickets because the planet Saturn wants to bless you with the mathematics of financial abundance. While you’re satisfied with what you’ve accomplished this year, you can no longer put off the many changes that need to be implemented in order for you to move on to greater potentials especially in your career. It’s something that you’ve been needing to do for the last 6 months so you’ve had plenty of warning that the time and space that you have been rooted in is about to go through major flexible transitions which in time you will be in accord with so try not to hesitate or be apprehensive. It’s just a new security blanket to wrap around you only this one is made of cashmere instead of cotton. Change up things this year and get out for New Years to ring it in with the new horizons that will be before you. Neptune the planet of our subjective has wrapped its arms around you so that your dreams will cause you to travel to a space and time that lies beyond your present boundaries so pay attention for those cells will be conscious. Your New Year’s resolutions are your intentions that you will fabricate in the coming year.

May 21-June 20
You may think that you’ve gone through some kind of time warp this month because the outside world seems to be testing your every thought. You should be used to this by now because every year at this time many of what we call the personal planets are in opposition to your planets. Even though your sign is usually smooth and rhythmic to change you will find that life is testing your strengths so keep the liquor cabinet stocked. Be assured that you’re not at fault here, it’s just that people as well as circumstances begin to test, you’re resolve so the anxiety you begin to experience will come out verbally, so people will back off pretty quickly let alone run for the nearest exit. Because it’s the holidays everyone wants you to be the sacrificial lamb and work longer hours as well as cancel your plans so that they can be free and clear of work so, it’s all about pleasing others not thyself. The planet Jupiter which deals with expansion is in a negative configuration with you so that the outside world is trying to smother you with many unanswered questions that bring further tension, anxiety and frustration. Feelings of depression are easily accommodated so having the freedom to do what you want and when you want is therapeutic. For those that are married or in a relationship give them this message or tell them to put on their bullet proof vest. Even going out to the stores to buy gifts can be a very challenging experience. I could say take a deep breath and try to center yourself but it might be better to have a good stiff drink. It’s only natural to get stressed out but in doing so you may become a little absent minded, so you might want to make a list of what you need at the grocery store or the mall. Once you’re in your own personal environment you can do what you do best and that’s your natural desire to talk and say what you’re feeling and thinking to those that care for you. Go to the gym or get out and run or even do some yoga which is going to get you back into your body so that you’re ready to party and play some games. If you can get out of town this could be a better solution in lifting your spirits. While sex may not be at the forefront of your mind it can be a solution to your frustration. These difficulties that are before you this month will lead you to greater wisdom and then onto the Light.

June 21-July 21
Just when you thought that the foundations in your life were beginning to smooth out the planet Saturn dropped into the sign of Capricorn which opposes you to put some static as well as stress into your life. At least you have friends around you that can make practical suggestions that will ease the pain. Still, there are can be quite a few glitches that will suddenly cause you to do some back pedaling. Work will begin to slow down to give you a little more freedom to enjoy your personal life. Normally this time of year the past gets a chance to occupy your life for a few weeks. It may be a chance meeting or actual invitations but it’s going to feel good to see old friends and realize not much has change except for a few more lines of life on their face. While the holidays bring parties as well as great conversations it can also bring new people into your life in which you feel greater security and confidence in being in their presence. This can then develop into a warm and nurturing relationship. While not everything is not how you would want it to be try and be tolerant of some people that annoy you because their life could be much more complicated than yours. If you can perform miracles then try to get out of town and enjoy the warm sun, sandy beaches and drinks that are served with an umbrella. Even Neptune the planet of dreams wants you to step away from your objective reality so that you can resonate with your senses. If possible, try and be around creative people like artists, musicians, or visionaries. Take in a play or a concert or just hang out with friends that are intellectually stimulating. It’s important that you do what you want to do this month not what others want you to do.  Just as a new year is on the horizon so is the direction in your life. Many of the things that have been lacking are slowly materializing to give you greater security personally and professionally. This is because of your ability to attract whatever you are focused on. Your mind has the power to translate thoughts into your objective reality.

July 22-August 22
You need to be flexible this month because nothing is going to be in a chronological order. That’s because the planet Uranus which deals with unexpected changes is here to bring you some surprises so, be impulsive and say yes to the sense of adventure. It’s all about the future and new technology so it’s a time replace the old and outdated with new technology. So, hand over that Xmas list and let’s see what Santa can provide for you. The planet Jupiter the planet of joy and happiness helps to take out any roadblocks and tosses them aside. This will help loosen you up and get you away from the monotony so that sudden changes can fabricate new ingredients into your life. It’s the holidays so why not go out after work with co-workers because you just might find that you have more in common with certain people than you thought. Excellent time to travel out of town to see relatives or have them in to see you. All should go extremely well but sometimes with relatives you may have to have a good stiff drink now and then. Sports venues play a positive role so maybe your team is giving you something to root for or someone gives you tickets to a hockey or football game. You’re getting more than your share of romance and if you are single this is a great month to step out and be seen but be discerning and put up some boundaries so that the real person can move quickly to the front of the line. Certainly, the holidays can be burdensome in the respect that work, and play interfere with your freedom to enjoy life to the fullest so work in a few vacation days. This is a great time to evaluate the course you’re on in life. You may be happy with conditions at work but if you’re not then it’s people that you know that can help you move on to another job that brings out more of your intrinsic potentials. As you seek to be free you need to follow that flame that glitters in the night for it is the word spoken of the source.

August 23-September 22
You are the critic of the Zodiac and more than any other sign you are discriminating and thus are the trouble shooter. You’re also a perfectionist able to deliver the objective truth so I think it’s important to always have a Virgo in your life. You may not like their opinion but it’s an honest one that’s given through the examination of facts not feelings. This month you need to switch gears and try and relax and let people do things for you. This is because Venus the planet of love and the sensuous tastes of life is standing at your side. Take advantage of this by accepting invitations from others that get you out of the house. You can meet people that could play a role in what you plan to accomplish in the coming year whether it’s with your career or your personal life. Even though you may feel somewhat uncomfortable with social situations it’s the holidays and your friends want to see you. Just call an ally to go with you and have a couple of drinks to loosen up. With Saturn the planet that deals with your objectives in life and Pluto the planet of constructive change this is a great time to start preparing for the changes that you want to implement in your career. Because there are many planets that will test your strengths this month you can feel overwhelmed through the holidays so having a daily planner is a must to keep a sense of order in your life. Try to keep some boundaries in your life by extracting yourself from situations that bring anxiety. Jupiter the planet of honesty is in a negative pattern so there can be a breach of trust coming from others. Be prepared to break all rules with your nutritional intake as you enjoy these opulent moments but remember you are very sensitive to foods so try and focus on what you are consuming. Your exercise program may go into a holding pattern, but you will get back into working out next month. You have many ideas this month, but it will be difficult to put the formless into form. The end of the month is a good time to pull back so that you can reconnect with your power, so you can then start to implement those visions. It’s going to be an up and down month filled with some stress but as I said your friends as well as those that love you will keep you centered as they fan the spark of your consciousness. 

September 23-October 22
I could say you need to watch spending money this month but that would go in one ear and out the other. It’s just that Jupiter the planet that gives more than it receives says you want to lavish those that you love with the opulence of life. Go for it and I hope I’m on your list. It’s a great time to travel or have those that live some distance share the holidays with you. Getting together with family and seeing those that hold your heart is what makes you a very happy camper. While the holidays are more than what you expect it’s getting to them that presents the problem. You seem to be spread awfully thin this month which can just zap your energy level and bring little sleep. You may even be under the gun as far as work is concerned trying to bring everything to a conclusion before you jump on that plane or in the car to head home for the holidays. You may want to do your shopping on line so that you have a larger time frame to get other things done. People are pulling on you to go out for dinner or go to a holiday party and you need to surrender to doing what other people want you to do, your important to their life.  Finally, on Christmas Eve you get a chance to relax and let your senses enjoy the sensual and aesthetic gratifications of life. Now your life is being brought back into a balanced state because of the comfort and security that is being provided by the person that holds your heart. The Sun is a planet of stability and warmth, so no flannel sheets will be needed to keep you warm at night.  It’s time to resurrect your thought forms into making changes with your job or where you live because you have reached the end of a karmic cycle and it’s time to bring forth a new organic program of life. The anxiety of the last few months is now releasing you from old patterns which then begins to impart a new degree of inertia.

October 23-November 21
You’re going to think that you’re in some Disney animation movie because of the many experiences of joy and happiness that you will cause you to think you’re dreaming. Well you’re not, it’s just that your hard work to be human is being justly rewarded with nothing but great karma. This may be the best holiday ever. Relationships are reaching a pinnacle of oneness so there may be a proposal of some sort with your personal path with another or a business venture. You’re going to be on everyone’s party planner so do some personal shopping and update that sorry looking wardrobe. It’s just that sometimes you can get stuck in a time warp and you need to get up to date. It’s also time to increase the parameters of your life in some way so it’s a great time to travel, sign up for school or think about materializing certain aspirations that need to get off the shelf and put into motion. There’s not too much that you’re not capable of getting done this month because you have others cooperating with you, plus you have excellent judgement and know what you desire to fabricate into your life. With no fears and what appeared to be boundaries disappearing with a snap of your finger the excitement of renewal becomes very appealing. Pay raises, promotion become your reward because of your ethical dedication to work. This is just the beginning stage of empowering yourself into many new spheres of your life. You may want to step out of your environment after Christmas and seek the warm waters of the ocean and bathe your soul in these sacred grids in which their vibratory rates will cause you to resonate with the primordial elements. As your authentic self comes to the surface your feelings act as a catalyst in bringing in a new relationship, job or home so, not a time to do procrastinate. It’s a time to finish up all those projects so that you can put out a new welcome mat. This can also be a month of reflection in which unconscious material is brought to the surface which brings satisfaction instead of a crisis. This can be a detoxifying moment in which an interest in the hidden mysteries of the human psyche gains more than just a passing interest.

November 22-December 21
Happy Birthday and Solar Return to a sign that understands the cryptic whispers of the Elohim which are the creator gods. The key this month is staying grounded for the planet Neptune wants you to think with your feelings instead of being objective so that you can be whisked away to a world of false fabrication. This is also a very creative planet, so you may need another person’s opinion when it comes to remodeling because you can have too many creative thoughts which bring about confusion in your decision making. Even Mars which can cause you to be driven can cause that hammer in your hand to miss the mark so be patient and do things in a step by step way. Lock the car, watch speeding and this is not exactly a time to be getting a new vehicle. Now the planet Jupiter which is now in your sign for the next year is back home to help expand your aspiration in every category of life. This will want you to begin to nourish that higher abstract mind of yours that weeds out the propaganda and delivers the authentic truth so it’s time to read or write a book or take classes or go to lectures that stimulate the neurons in your brain. Sooner or later as you evolve spiritually you will realize that you are truly a template of the divine mind so the more you pursue the nonlinear matrix the more that the filaments in your brain connect with the galactic mindset.  Because it’s your birthday and you just don’t have a few friends you have a tribe of people that want to take you to dinner or throw a party for you. These are people that you share common denominators with which is seeking the truth, loyalty that goes beyond written contracts and an IQ that would take others several lifetimes to achieve. You are going to be very busy this month which is a good thing because it does pay the bills but it doesn’t compromise many of the exciting social venues that will get your heart racing. You may want to think about joining new groups or working with others on joint ventures that are not part of normal work patterns for this could lead to greater and exciting formats that you could incorporate within your professional life. The planet Mars causes a strong animal magnetism this month, so passions run very high so don’t let your ego get out of its cage or it can do some damage. Your health is much better now so that you can get back out there and enjoy the physical aspects of life instead of being hidden in the shadows. There’s a New Moon on the 7th so it’s a great time to plant seeds.

December 22-January 19
Look for everything to be out of control this month but this is going to be a good thing. Your life can get to regimented at times so, it’s time to break up existing structures and put a breath of fresh air back into your life. Neptune the planet of dreams and creativity is just one of the planets that wants you to take some time off and enjoy the season. Take in the theater or go to a concert but give that right side of your brain some food for thought. This planet deals with the ocean as well as the ski slopes of Colorado so do yourself as well as your loved one a favor and embrace the sense of adventure. As you start becoming more flexible to change then you may want to start being a little more impulsive or spontaneous as you begin each day. So, take a deep breath if you must but shoot from the hip as you go through your day let alone the month.  Venus the planet of love as well as Mars the planet of intimacy have got their arms around you so that a romantic novel could be written this month. Also, your days and nights become much more absorbed with laughter and great conversations. There may be some major announcements within the family that make you the proud parent or maybe it’s within your own life, like a pay raise or promotion. Obviously, you will see and hear from people that have been away for some time but it will seem like it was just yesterday that they were standing in front of you. Make sure you have a list in your hand when you go shopping because this is not a time to shoot from the hip in financial matters. Get out and attend parties, remember it’s time for pleasure and to relax with friends and loved ones. If you’re single and older you have a good chance of meeting someone who is single and younger so it’s time to break the rules of the status quo and buy that person a drink not a cup of coffee. You’ve accomplished a lot this year not only in your personal life but also with your job which has been a painstaking effort on your part. You’re a sign of perfection and there are still things that are in your life that need to be purged so you need to continue to analyzed personal issues and simply get rid of those elements that no longer serve a definitive purpose in your life. It’s not too soon to start thinking about what you intend on materializing for the new year. One of things that should be on your list is giving back to humanity so that you create a balance with your spiritual values.

January 20-February 18
For the most part this month will have its ups and downs. Venus the planet of love and our interaction with others is going to test your strengths. If you could choose where you want to go and the people you want to be with then the demands of others upon you would greatly diminish. But I think it’s one of those things that you have to go here and then there but at the end of the day you can return to the comforts of your home. So, bear with this, tis the season so have a drink and try to relax. Also, Mercury the planet of communication would indicate that you will have conversions with others but then again, it’s general small talk that has easy yes and no answers. Once you can past the 13th then life begins to open for you so that you have more time and energy to get things done so that your life is back on schedule. Now you can see people that you want to see and have more intimate conversations that holds your attention. Even though your social life can be very demanding and finances putting you on a budget for your holiday spending the month should bring unexpected surprises that can put a smile back on your face. You’re a very original person so what’s different this year than last year that gives a fresh look to the holidays? Well, maybe you’ve made a major move, got the promotion you wanted or gotten married, engaged or started a family. Even though there are plenty of things to do around town and people to see you may jump in the car or a plane and get away for the holidays, lucky you. The more that you change up the holidays the more exciting it will be. You don’t seem to have a whole lot of time to sit still, with family and friends to see, parties that won’t quit coming and social events like concerts and movies to go to. Your thirst for the sense of adventure and to do things that is always away from the mainstream seems to be acting out more than ever this month, so you need to get out and do what you want to do. You are a sign that doesn’t need resolutions to make changes for you are resolute that each day will be different than the last. I could say your sign is a gift from creation because you act as a cornerstone in breaking out of a fixed orbital energy grid which then allows you to open up time warps than cause you to create a new genetic mapping not only for yourself but those that follow your lead. Even though your very busy this month your already thinking about what needs to be purged or let go of in your life as well as what needs to be created. It might be time to start putting extra money into your investments for it will give you greater freedom to move forward sooner than you expect.

February 19-March 19
So, those of you that have Pisces friends need to remember that it’s time to give back to them that have and will always be there for you. I think the only problems you will have this month can be with over spending and if you work in the public sector you need to watch for those that are sick for in one way or another the next thing you know is that you could come down with a cold or the flu so put your shields up. Venus the planet of love is upon you so it’s time in which someone could say they love you and want to marry you or certainly a relationship can have a definitive course with shared objectives. This can also open the area of creating a new relationship so accept all invitations because you could meet someone that is very appealing to your senses. It’s always exciting when someone puts you first in their life. The planet Mars which deals with assertiveness is also holding your hand this month so that those aggressive drives can be channeled into satisfying your hunger and thirst for growth whether it’s a new job or making a major move. If you have some vacation time it would better to travel back to where you have roots or else have people from the past come and see you. Look for a bonus from work and take that extra money and get out and enjoy some of the festivities of the holidays. You’re a very intuitive person because your impressions bring to the surface deeper hidden truths which show how sensitive you are, so you might just want to follow your gut instinct this month for it can bring greater joy and laughter into your life. So, it’s time to eat and drink beyond your normal consumption levels; you’re not going to be getting yourself in any kind of trouble it’s just time to let down your hair and let yourself relax in the company of friends. Start thinking about what you want to manifest is the coming year. With Saturn the planet of persistence those New Year’s resolutions are going to turn into positive intentions. I think that the coming year will dispose upon you those things that you have always wished for. The chemistry is now being created within you so that in a very short time a decision is finally made as to where you choose to dwell in. It’s just that the frequency of your modulation is beginning to blow out those existing light bulbs which shows that life as you know is interfering with your higher reprogramming, but you will take a stance and change so that your new world can unfold. Just as there is a count down on New Year’s Eve you are counting down the days until the cocoon you’re in releases you into the world you can breathe in.​


​Horoscopes for December 2018

March 20-April 19
This month is a time of rewards as you assert and conquer that darkness of fear. Each day brings greater potency as many pathways become open to you. Your Solar Plexus becomes alive which brings greater confidence, self-worth and control in your life. Most of this month should put you in a state of bliss. It’s going to be one invitation after another in which none of these should be refused so get ready to let loose and let life entertain you. The more impulsive you are the better and it’s time to socialize with people and at places that are not the norm nor will it ever be the norm.  In seizing the moment the holidays will prove to be memorable. The key word this month is adventure. Look to meet new people that will play an exciting role in your future whether as a new friend, partnership or relationship. If you are in a relationship, then you will be making commitments to others that bring definition and security personally or professionally. Jupiter is responsible for that because it gives excellent judgment and the promise of commitment in the most traditional way. Because, you are surrounded with the sense of adventure you need to put up boundaries to those that try and slow you down. It’s time to be impulsive and do things that are outside the lines for that is where the air becomes breathable. Many things have outlived their purpose in life so don’t them become an obstacle in befriending your future. Those that hold you back or that which has tried to anchor you needs to be weeded out. It’s time to design goals that are authentic unto your true self. I would suggest strongly that you have a designated driver or take a cab because you might not know when to slow down and have a cup of coffee instead of doing more jello shots. Try and get your shopping done as soon as possible because it’s not a time to shoot from the hip with buying presents and make sure you save as well as get gift receipts. This is a great time to travel and sometimes the farther the better. You may want to think about signing up for classes that challenge you. It is a time to listen to the ignorant as well as the wise for there is knowledge. This is a month to pursue a wider aspect of life. New Year’s resolutions are around the corner and your divine blueprint is about to undergo a new plan of action. It’s time to run with the sense of adventure and seek new directions, objectives and goals that will become much more satisfying as the weeks pass by. Being impulsive is your key to the future for it’s all about constructive assertiveness which produces the realization of goals.


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