April 20-May 20
Change is difficult to synthesize in your life but if you understood that you’re really preventing evolution of your consciousness you might be more of a willing participant and permit yourself to embrace greater external expression within life. It’s time to enable the Soul and make a new contract with yourself. Visions, dreams and your imagination need to be given an external expression. Yes, I’m asking you to let the right side of the brain take control and be your guide if you want the plan to happen. While you may not have all the facts synthesize the people that surround you act as your eyes and ears when doubts of your abilities occur. Yes, I would say that you don’t want to be blindly optimistic as Jupiter the planet of kindness as well as truth can cause you to not read the fine print so, if you check the facts things should go smoothly. You need to be your own voice so don’t let others push you into making decisions that will serve them and not your infinite purpose. It’s time to act like the pioneer and push yourself beyond the boundaries and into the unknown. The vacuum gives way to new creations that you have engineered.  It’s time to build your own Ark and rescue yourself and others that give continuity to the seed that will deliver you to a new job, place to live or a relationship that will sustain and facilitate a new network of living and being.  As time goes on you reinstate through your manifestation of the seeds you planted, a new linear matrix in life. So, love yourself enough so that you liberate yourself from the any kind of bondage and implant a new destiny that gives you sovereignty. The New Moon on the 15th will test your strengths so, try to approach any problem objectively and not let your emotions make decisions for you. Venus moves into the romantic sign of Pisces on the 11th so that this planet of love and beauty bring personal satisfaction as well as confidence in your relationship that you have been sharing for many lifetimes.

May 21-June 20
You need to be aware of people that you inner act with at work. There are what we call shape shifters that try through your emotional vulnerability to take advantage of you. That’s an area in which you cannot give others the benefit of a doubt or you will be stocking your liquor cabinet weekly. It’s time to seal the door where evil dwells. Unfortunately, you may hear negative news from a great distance, so you may have to rearrange your life in a matter of minutes for these unwanted responsibilities. It’s a month in which you need to be careful with your physical endurance. Your body needs to rest as well as a little more vitamin D-3 and iron are needed for it to perform. The good thing is that the planet Uranus causes your life to become restored after being exiled into darkness by those who had a mind but no heart as well as your own emotional assessments that prevented the host of liberation from intervening. The planet Venus brings a call to faith to redefine your divinity and restore the joy and bliss in your life as it brings answers to a variety of questions concerning relationships of any kind. These 2 planets will serve as a new cornerstone bringing a different vibratory rate to prepare you with the power of instruction and deliver the spark to beget a new fruit. Decisions based upon your illuminations cause you to act in creating a new reality as well as a new polarization of your aims and objectives. As your energy becomes reorganized, the mental dimensions give you greater perceptions of knowledge which can be used to your advantage in marketing yourself for a new job.  Your personality codes are being reconstructed so that you can assimilate these rapid upper levels of conscious Light. You are the communicator and behind your words lies the truth so, this is the time to gain greater knowledge by taking classes so that the teacher can then emerge.  Remember to have greater patience with yourself as this new rhythm unfolds. Personal friendships as well as a new relationship experience greater expression so that love can begin to establish the reality of divine intention and radiance.

June 21-July 21
Don’t take it personally because we all at one time or another go through a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety when we try to establish our divine plan here on Earth. Because re-birth is a sequential process, the quantifying of new energy is not done with a snap of a finger, but the point is that you are finally moving into a new arena of living.  Sometimes our inherited tendencies make it difficult to get on the path of further ascension, but the tide has turned as you give more immediate application to a new life.  As they say, it’s the journey not the destination. There is a point of light and your thoughts are beginning to create changes in the matter around you. No more will you look in the rear-view mirror, for the radiance of the Sun is before you, causing those temporary seeds that you’ve sown to grow and develop roots. The planets Neptune which is associated with dreams and Jupiter which is all about asserting your aspirations now give you the capacity to direct your energy into implementing new desires.  New portals have opened giving you greater ability to sense that the social and material status of your life now has a heartbeat. You need to let your desires fuel you at this time personally and professionally. Your mind is alive with ideas and thoughts that prevent you from taking no for an answer. Conversations will lead to the signing of contracts that bring fulfillment with the re-programming of relationships and career. Affirmations come through your inner voice that will not only bring you relief in most areas of your life but will help you solve crises with others. This is not a month to be hibernating so get out with friends or a loved one and enjoy the surrounding venues. Foundations and security are important to you, but you need to realize that sometimes these comforts can put you into a state of hibernation. So, it may be time to make major changes and relocate to a new area or change jobs that will bring that fresh air back into your life.

July 22-August 22
If you have any tests to take or interviews to go to you may want to postpone them until March. This is because Jupiter which gives good judgment thus, the answers to any question is in a negative configuration to your sign which says your memory to the facts of life is on a holiday. Also, it creates less assistance or cooperation from others so it’s kind of a time in which its best to be all on your own. There will be minor problems with men either at work or in your personal life over little details in which you may have forgotten to do something or maybe they did but the blame gets shove upon you so try and remain calm as they short circuit. You may find that there are enough hours in the day to attend to your personal needs so make sure your watch is correct, your phone is fully charged, and the car has a full tank of gas.  Uranus the planet of sudden change is giving you a wake-up call that says it’s time to establish a new plan or add new substance to your existing one. So, time to activate your energetic body and prepare to experiment into new realms of where you live and work or at least prepare for changes in these areas that are on your immediate horizon. You are a person that can take control and re-program yourself and life and rid yourself of any chaos much sooner than later. Part of this reprogramming can be with your eating patterns, so this month be more aware of what your putting into your body. This is part of the re-education process that you’re going through. Reading is a great outlet as well as renting movies that connect with the core issues of your life. Friends or relationships can bring you a breath of fresh air so no matter what the temperature is outside don’t let it stop you from enjoying the interaction with those that you love. This is a great time to examine the content of the concepts that you are currently developing. It’s always good to prepare logically so that your dreams can be brought into your own manner of expression. Try and lay down a new and greater constructive path that is beyond your present scope. This is also a time to get that body of yours back into shape and Mars which rules muscles will give you the physical stamina to get yourself back into the gym and replaced those loose tissues with some abs. This month forget about being the adult and bring back that child that is within you so that it becomes easier to follow your heart and bring the sunshine of vitality back into your life.

August 23-September 22.
Let’s start with what’s good about the month as well as the year as Pluto the planet of re-birth is slowly coming to the surface to yield unto you your latent talents as well as new horizons that will cause you to embrace the nonlinear matrix of life that will better serve you. It’s always better to create your own reality then follow that which has enslaved you. You are trying to break the barriers that are in your life so that you can create new pathways and Saturn the planet of reconstruction says this isn’t going to happen overnight so be gentle with yourself, but, do understand you are slowly but firmly designing a new blueprint for yourself. It’s a matter of permitting yourself to plant new seeds that you have selected, not others, so that you can reach those higher levels of material and spiritual expression. This will help release you from the karmic barriers that have been strangling you for quite some time. Your life is sort of at a crossroads, so to keep from falling back into the confusion and chaos you need to walk through a new portal that will put a wall of protection around you and lead into the ascension process. There are some problems here because you have family, friends and a relationship from the past that won’t let you renounce the former person that you were. Some are very close-minded, critical and even callous and offer little nourishment or assistance with the reconfiguration in your total being. Others don’t see the truth that is within you; even the proverbs have hidden meanings that require greater concentration to see the Divinity of godliness. Do not let others corrupt you any longer and empower yourself by saying “no” to what others want from you. Be firm so that you now have greater respect from them for the new garment that you now wear. Personal or professional relationships can stress you out so choose to be with those that nourish you with laughter and make no demands of you. Get yourself back into feelings by touching, hugging and embracing physically so that you can activate your inner energies to become more complete or whole again.

September 23-October 22
The planets Uranus and Pluto have been making and will continue to make patterns that deal with letting go of a way of life so that the reconstruction processes of your life can move forward. The problem is that it may feel like you’re being disemboweled because the reality that has made you feel safe and secure is rapidly evaporating. The harder you try to hold on to what use to be important in life, the harsher the consequences. The linear matrix of life that you have been wired into has become mechanical and now offers only limitation. The truth of who you are and what you now want can be intimidating and promote fear because what if it’s always going to be just beyond your reach? It would be easier to gravitate to a new way of life if this was being shared with another which is certainly possible this month as the planet Venus which is all about love is holding you close to the elixir of life.  The planet Mercury which deals with communications is also at your side which will cause you to dig deep within yourself and recognize the multidimensional being that you are. Let your awareness create pure thought so that you can resonate with your sacred fire. As you begin to join a new grid of thought you will begin to read energies just as electronic devices read them. Now you can begin to swim with the light bodies of your own cellular memory. So, it’s time to focus on qualities that invigorate you. Let your inner purpose begin to guide you so that you can shed any residues of dependent disorders. You should be able to feel the frequency within changing so that a greater understanding of what is relevant to the development of fundamental truths and beliefs causes you to make your own predictions. Your thoughts have greater focus so that seminars, lectures or even reading and writing promote the capacity to cleanse the self thus connecting with those that come from the same true source. You are a vessel that has formed a partnership with the Prime Creator and through the sharing of all aspects of your human self you then invite love from all that come before you. The re-creation of your temple is nothing more than sacred geometry and it now gives a new birth unto you. It begins with the stimulation of your root chakra, the dense part of the self, which then rises through your being stimulating the heart chakra and finally reaching its destination of the crown chakra which connects you with the Absolute. This then becomes all about true love the 5th element for yourself and your fellow man and those that seek love now come to you. As the planet Saturn begins to affect your sign there will be some stress because change doesn’t occur with a snap of your finger. Remember you cannot control others but you can control your own inner state of being.

October 23-November 21
The first 2 weeks of this month is going to be one of give and take. The take part is almost like mental and physical abuse. Little conveniences that make your day go smoothly become problems. Because Venus the planet of love and Mercury which deals with communications are both producing stress there can be little time to relax or even get a good night’s sleep. Once you get past the 11th then your life becomes to turn around very rapidly so that the problems become a distant memory. The planet Jupiter has moved into your sign for about the next 10 months which will bring many of your aspirations to light. Because this planet is all about expansion in some way you may want to re-educate yourself and take some classes, make travel plans, write a book or even take a test. This planet gives good judgment so it’s going to be difficult to make any mistakes. There may even be invitations for formal events that may be at the end of the street or across the country. This is the planet which rules the comedy channel, so laughter becomes a common denominator of life. Saturn says it’s time to take back control over yourself and re-examine your motivations as well as the direction your life is going in. If there are certain parts that have become outdated, then it may be time to draw up a new blueprint for yourself. Even Pluto is joining you to help re-awaken you so that you begin to restore your self-confidence so that you begin to control as well as create your reality. As this cleansing process begins your character takes on structure again and a comprehensive plan of action is initiated. Dedication and persistence is given to your imagination and dreams so that the career goes from an abstract perception to propositions that bring new securities with your image and your material assets. Illusion has run for the hills so that you see the value of building a new world for yourself. It’s time to create a new time cycle and allow inspiration to fabricate your world of tomorrow. A personal relationship becomes very intoxicating and sensuous so that it develops a collective consciousness.  

November 22-December 21
With Valentine’s day right around the corner I would suggest very strongly that you make reservations at a 4 or 5-star restaurant, get that dozen roses and the blank Hallmark card so that you can write your own dialogue as well as a baby sitter. It’s just that the planet Venus is moving into Pisces which is not favorable with inner-acting with others and the closer they are the more that a problem could come up so, play it safe here and profess your love to the people you care strongly about or appreciate. The planet Mars which cause one to be assertive in their life is in your sign, so this would be a month to utilize that excess energy in constructive ways. Maybe it’s time to start that spring cleaning or address major projects around the home or put more energy into your job or business.  If you are not in a relationship certainly these planets can bring about a stimulus between you and another but proceed with caution you don’t want to jump into situation that could incinerate you in a matter of days.  It’s time to tune into your adventurous spirit and do things or go places that are outside the lines of the accepted norm. Certainly, going to concerts or the theater could be exciting but places like New York or Denver could really get your blood flowing. Seminars or taking classes that give intellectual stimulation and a higher IQ are best approached this month for there aren’t many questions that you don’t understand or know the answer to. You need only measured amounts of alcohol or you might find yourself in big trouble so either a designated driver or take a cab if you decide to make it a long night. Be very careful after the 11th with what you say at work and to whom you say it to because within the shadows are hidden enemies wearing a camouflage suit.  Because Uranus the planet of the future and change is upon you travel to places that you’ve been to before may prove to be exciting to the point that you may consider relocating there in the near future. Your creation has a frequency or vibration that is now being further modulated so that you realize your purpose within your cellular time is in the process of creating new geometries that bring about a new Alpha. It’s all about the future and taking the right path and not being seduced with detours. It’s time to start sculpting the components of your being.

December 22-January 19
This is a month of re-organization in the respect that old out worn modes of thinking that have brought security and comfort no longer serve a constructive purpose. This is all about Saturn your ruling planet moving into your sign. You need to bring out that restless nature and generate creative content within your domestic and professional processes of living. The only thing you need to watch is being impulsive and taking risks so create a plan and then execute it. You do have the capacity of intellectual assertiveness so it’s time to get those major projects in the home started that will instill the new definition of yourself into your surroundings. If there are major projects so you may want to get an interior decorator because you’re not exactly an abstract thinker. Being a born leader, you put a lot of time into professional matters, but in doing so you neglect the physical tapestry of your body, so time to whip that body back into shape and get a physical checkup. You may want to be much more receptive to the opposite sex because they may act as a catalyst in discovering a new context from within that in turn brings deviations from normal growth patterns. Since this is going to be felt in your personal life it may be to your advantage to be less conservative in your love life. So, it’s also time to break down your inhibitions and reform the formulas that now occupy your life. As your thirst for greater passion and sensual gratification grows there will be less interest in business so that you allow yourself to think more seriously about sharing your life with another. Think about divorcing yourself from physical reality for a while and be less concerned about the influences of the outside world. Now, be accepting and put the inner processes of your being into motion so that your subjective self can begin to colour over factual perceptions. If anyone needs to travel and take a break you do, so think about a long weekend to a place that has a beach and great sunsets.

January 20-February 18                                              
First of all Happy Birthday which means that the Sun has come to bless you with its love as you renew the self with greater expressions in the coming year. Astrologers call this the Solar Return in which you get a chance to renew the vitality of the garment you now wear. This month the planet Jupiter is squaring your sign which means that the outside world will bring about barriers, boundaries and cause you to become depressed and bored with certain aspects of your life whether it is personal, or job related. You need to be careful because your judgment can become confuse as you allow your emotions to make decisions for you. You’re not a sign that likes to sit still because it promotes sheer frustration and if you do, others better duck for cover.  So, try not to react impulsively here and take your time and digest your immediate thoughts. So whatever aspect of life is wiping the smile off your face can be dealt with but just be cautious and patient as you create a new plan of action.  Other aspects of your life will help center you and certainly relationships can offer greater excitement and enthusiasm as you experience new places to go and venues to explore which can bring laughter till it’s time to get up and go to work. This is a month in which your personal life needs to have more spontaneity to feed the perversion of your thought processes. You need new horizons and more challenging initiatives not boundaries. So, self-realization says I need new chapters of experience so maybe it’s time to shop around for a new job or a new place to live or do some extensive remodeling. You are in a state of transition and your vibratory rate is increasing so that you are becoming one with the Living Light thus making yourself receptive to new instructions from your divine content. You will recover from any kind of loss, just look at your tract record in your personal and profession endeavors. What appears to be questions of what to do, the formless will become crystallized as opinions are form and with the right ideals and principles, put you in an influential position of society as well as work sooner than you think.

February 19-March 19
Well, the planet Saturn which deals with the cold harsh callous winter has moved into the sign of Capricorn for the next 2 years which will change the temperature of your life by taking you to tropical destinations in which nature at it’s best will embrace you with its loving arms. The physical as well as emotional problems that have haunted you for the past year are giving way to a more centered way of life causing the decay of boundaries.   The past will no longer occupy your presence and prevent you from moving forward with a new agenda that will prove in time to bring substantial comforts and securities. So, for the new blueprint to become tangible put the past to rest and morn it’s loss. There’s also a problem this month in not having enough time to devour everything you want because work or those in power put unwanted responsibilities upon you. This comes from Mars the planet of war in which some people with annoy and aggravate you in because they are jealous or envious of you for some reason. The potency of your creativity and imagination is an essential part of your life and this month is the time to promote your visions and get a fresh start. Get out the paintbrush and put that imagination of yours on a canvas or the living room walls. Water is always an antidote for you so if you can walk the sands of a beach or even go to places that contain sites that provoke your spiritual essence, this is the month to do it or at least decide to do it. As you begin to defy gravity, your intuition gives sharper focus so that new concepts become an essential part of your life. Don’t worry about the strange dreams you may have because your intuition has opened a doorway to the nonphysical world which in time creates empathetic connections that transcend the 3rd dimensional reality. Lucky, you.  With the toxins having been purged, the baptismal of building a new future is slowly coming to the surface to bring about solutions as you open yourself to experience greater wholeness. This then causes a new person to enter your life that may be a part of your future because of mutually shared objectives that allows you to be yourself. There is an increase with your physical and mental energy so that your assertive spirit allows you to project yourself into new ventures that prove your uniqueness of being. This is a time of achievement with the conquest of new initiatives.  Certainly, I can’t talk about your sign and not bring love and romance into the conversation. Your star grids have already intersected and fused with another which has created a lattice network of spiritual embodiment.  Allow your passions to make impulsive decisions so that you can transplant yourself into a new euphoria now instead of later.  

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​Horoscopes for February 2018

March 20-April 19
Minor problems will arise this month with technical things, like the computer or your cell phone, or maybe even the battery in your car going dead but I think it’s time to update whatever isn’t working properly. The planet Saturn is partly responsible for this as it transits through the sign of Capricorn for the next 2 ½ years to bring certain amounts of tension and anxiety related to obstructions in your life. Because this planet deals with time the older something is the greater the chance of it causing problems. Uranus brings the winds of change into your life, so it’s time to breathe in and nourish the shift and resist the continuity of the status quo. New bridges need to be built so that you can cross over and experience the energy of a new grid system and the ley lines they occupy. This in turn will cause you to rebuild cell by cell the garment needed as you create a new conscious mapping for greater progressive changes in your direction. More than ever, this month enables you to make choices that open you up to process the dreams and put them into a creative form. Jupiter also plays a role in unlocking the mysteries in your life, for it brings excellent judgment or gives the answers to all questions so it makes it very difficult to make any mistakes. More of the glamour that exists in your world of illusion dissipates so that you can focus on new ideas that bring on the substance of illumination and purification which in turn causes you to experience clear thought and mark a significant turning point in your life.  With this greater intellect it would be a time to write, go to school or market yourself if you are unhappy with your job. The pendulum begins to swing back and forth to bring an active flow to relationships so that mutual goals are set and in time. The planet Mars has moved into the sign of Sagittarius a compliment to your sign that beckons you to move forward with what you desire in life. Even the New Moon on the 15th is a time to fertilize and nourish yourself with the Manna, that your soul is thirsty for so that your Temple becomes restored and empowered with greater joy and vitality.

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