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April 20-May 21  
This should be a very good month for you as the planets are forming what we call a Grand Trine with your sign. This is when 3 planets come together to bless you with fame and fortune.  Let me start with Uranus the planet of change and adventure as it causes your desires, purpose and motives to become much more substantial. Maybe it’s time for that marriage proposal or to expand your business in some way or to set into motion mutual intentions with others. This is because Pluto the planet of reform wants you to differentiate the form through which you channel energy so that you can create new structural patterns that serve you better. Neptune helps to release untapped potentials from within you that not only help your evolution but others. It’s all about the purity of purpose so that all fears disappear so that you can embrace change. It’s summer time so you need to become more outgoing and attend parties or even more elegant social venues. Your sign is not known to be intuitive, but this is a month in which you need to pay attention and be receptive to your dreams and hunches. Pluto is a planet that rules your soul the deeper parts of who you are, so as it raises your frequency you feel an internal shift so that some of the things that you have align yourself with becomes stale and need to be purged so that life has a new direction and purpose. This works in a sequential way so give yourself time to adjust to a more appropriate polarity. So, seeds that you have already planted begin to manifest into physical form to bring about a new creation or blueprint. There may be some minor issues with men or your health because the Sun is in Leo right now which brings tension or even minor physical problems. If you’re in business you may want to update your web-site or consider carrying new products or services but do something to change the status quo. Try and be more subjective in your thoughts and bring out your creativity and imagination and you then just might surprise yourself at what it can provoke. Mercury is the spokesperson of the zodiac and it is in a negative pattern to you so read things very carefully before you put your signature on anything and listen to what people are saying because even though it sounds good, facts may be nothing more than a fairy tale.  Obviously, this is a month of reformatting many but not all objectives in your life. There are no sudden changes here, just an acquisition of things that bring overall greater tangible comforts to your five senses.

May 22-June 20
Just like the planets are in constant motion so is your sign. You survive on stress so that the more that’s going on in your life the more alive you become.  You do have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars on you in a very positive way this month. The common denominator of this would be to do what you want and when you want. The more spontaneous you are and adhere to taking ownership of your wants and needs the more content you will be. It’s called a revolution from the status quo of life. This then can create problems with others because your exercising your vocabulary and saying no to what others are asking of you. So, not a time to surrender to the past which has been weighing you down as well as causing a certain amount of depression. It’s the time to be spontaneous, seek adventure and break the rules. Your inner world is filled with an abundance of free-flowing expansive energies supplied by Mars, but you are surrounded by some people that are caught up in a labyrinth of confusion and chaos as Neptune causes them to not see you as clearly as they think. This same planet causes you to expand upon the spiritual realm in which you reside so it’s time to read a book as well as get yourself to classes that will exercise your higher thoughts or creative energies. Others can take advantage of your kindness and thoughtfulness through the excuses of why their lives are fraught with problems and that you need to put your interests aside and be a mommy and vanquish the toxic world that they live in. This also comes from Neptune which deals with kindness and compassion to the point of making subjective instead of objective decisions.  So, then the planet Mercury and Venus begin to play a positive role this month, so romance and your social life begin to bring about an abundance of joy and happiness. Even weddings or other formal affairs fill your weekends. This month you begin to reconnect to your electrical grid and enter the hologram of the matrix that you can breathe in. It’s going to be difficult to stand up for your rights and you will be accused of being selfish but you can’t let others put you to sleep. Remain firm with your own truth. As others try to lure you back to the archaic past it is time to bring out your magic wand and cast your intentions. Extra money through a pay raise or maybe just paying things off give you the freedom to enjoy life to the very fullest. The New Moon on the 11th is an excellent time to reformat your intentions.

June 21-July 21
Your sign is known for its imagination. It’s those creative thoughts that cause you to be the artist in manifesting your dreams into matter. This month you may want to start out by changing the décor of your home, whether it’s getting new furniture or taking that paint brush and painting the walls it helps to usher in a new canvas in life in which you can better identify yourself with and free yourself from the pressures of life. This comes from the planet Neptune which can cause you to escape into the timelessness of life. It rules salt water so maybe a trip to the sandy beaches of Florida are in order and while you’re there why not seek out a real estate agent to get a better feel of the area. Maybe it’s time to book a cruise let alone watch the sunset with the person that holds your heart. With Jupiter the planet of expansion and opportunity it’s a month in which many of your aspirations in life can bring you rewards in one way or another. It’s time to put a little more spontaneity in your life so seek out adventure whether it’s at the end of the street or hundreds of miles away. Say yes to all invitations because they expand your life into stimulating conversations There’s no reason not to buy a lottery ticket but try and do this on a Friday which is a Venus day which rules money. It’s a good time to market yourself Pluto, the planet that opens and closes chapters of one’s life is in an opposition to you so that in a sequential way the frame of reference in which you now live is uncomfortable so that it becomes a necessity to become wedded to a new dimension of life. Just remember no snap decisions here just try and be the observer and figure out your escape plan from the linear matrix in which you now live. The life span of the boundaries that have defined you are evaporating. Your mind is being impacted with the ingredients that a new set of dynamics could be more fulfilling if you were to extend the branches of the reality that you now occupy.  Even work can be part of your progressive movement in that you could be thinking about creating changes that update as well as bring greater satisfaction to your capabilities. But, you will need to watch that in snapping your fingers the universe may not deliver the gifts you really wanted so, pay very close and deliberate attention to what you wish to attract. Turn on the filters so that a better perception of the facts for success can be better understood. It’s just that change can be somewhat stressful when one doesn’t understand what the new path is leading to. Throughout life we are constantly erasing the canvas we have created so that we can mandate new intentions. Last of all let me talk about relationships. While you’ve lost faith in some people, that void will be filled by those of holistic thought. If you’re single you need to get out and be seen. While you’re out there the law of attraction is upon you so that you will meet others that have similar denominators so that your heart becomes alive again.  

July 22-August 22
Happy Birthday to the King or Queen of this jungle that we live in.  This month the law of attraction is not being fair to you as Jupiter and Uranus gang up on you to hijack the sense of adventure and bring shallow conversations into your life. For those of you born on the 21st, 22nd or 23rd the planet Uranus will fall upon you bringing about a crisis which leads in time to a cathartic re-birth. The waste products of your life as well as the remains of all your failures are brought to the surface and purged but not overnight. An embryonic moment as you begin to spiral towards the Light. For some of you your initiation to the true Christ’s consciousness begins. You are no longer passive or complacent so that you aspire personally and professionally making your way through the static. With the planet Mars opposing you till the 12th you need to be careful driving, cuts, burns or to much Sun. While this planet wants you to be assertive you need to be very careful to examine thoroughly the new enterprises that are before you. Since this is an aspect in which you can’t sit still you may want to start some physical training or do some hot yoga so that you channel and better focus your energy. Uranus can provoke you to change up your life style or personal appearance but going to extremes like shaving your head are not conducive to a new lifestyle. Maybe it’s time to do some serious shopping for yourself or get out to new restaurants or travel to new places to get away from the boredom. There is more to life then what presently exists so it’s time to prepare your vessel and release yourself from the past and its obligations. This way you can seize the opportunities to refine any leftover primitive urges.  Sudden success or at least some kind of notoriety brings validation to your identity. Maybe you’re getting that first paycheck from your promotion last month or you’ve taken that leap of faith and started your own business. If you’re single, there’s more than one romantic interest that comes into your life and in time could bring a singular security as love develops. There’s nothing stagnant as you reconnect with the central source of your power. What can’t you do and what can’t you accomplish? The key this month is to be anything but conservative but introduce new objectives slowly, so they have a chance to polarize so that in time security and stability take on a new form. This way each new situation is given potential meaning so that it can actualize. Maybe it’s time to look for a new job or place to live but as I said thinking you need this tomorrow will get you into trouble.

August 23-September 22
This month is going to be filled with a lot of opportunities which can manifest either in your professional or your personal life. With Jupiter, the planet of the higher more abstract mind making a great aspect to your sign you are not able to settle for the status quo. Your mind is alive with thoughts to express so that your ideas and imagination have a vehicle to create new realities for yourself. Take the helm and steer a new course breaking your connection with what you have been obedient to. You don’t need anyone’s advice you can decipher or solve any problem. With life taking on a state of clarification you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Maybe a promotion, pay raise, taking a vacation or seeing your accomplishments discussed on TV or maybe just a few lines in the newspaper. The expansion going on in your life is just not mental so that long distance travel for personal or professional reasons brings rewards. Even Mars the planet of intimate desires is holding your hand so that a relationship, friends or associates act as a facilitator to painting a new canvas within the space and time you reside in. A relationship can weave itself into the fabric of your life so that you can throw away those flannel sheets. The more you get out and enjoy the sensuous tastes of life the more harmony and balance in your life. Even Pluto which deals with closing chapters wants to slowly but very firmly put situations in your life that will bring about corrections with your purpose.  Here’s where your professional attributes come in. Pluto is a seed that you need to plant, then it grows roots and begins to blossom as the Sun shines upon it. So, your moment has arrived as your interests take on an essential purpose. Your potentialities can become expressed into actualities. New facets of life to harvest so that self-realization brings greater awareness. Not all of us can get wired into our highest ambitions but you need to pat yourself on the back because you are doing it.  Now, a minor problem coming from Neptune as it pokes its fingers in your face to test your strengths. This planet is very sensitive and rules your emotions but that means you can be gullible or naïve or feel guilty in saying no so be as objective as possible not subjective. Saturn is now upon you for the next 2 years in a very positive way so that work can bring wonderful opportunities as your persistence and determination bring rewards and honors and greater respect. Maybe it’s because you worked longer hours or went to work on your day off, but your creativity now materializes more than what you ever expected. There can be a few people that are jealous and envious of the advancements going on in your life so look at those that are trying to disorganize or fragment your journey. Mistakes by others can be one to many which will bring a difficult closure or loss. Your health is better than ever but it’s only because your paying closer attention to your physical goals.  There can also be unwanted responsibilities coming from family members that disrupt your life so, I would rather you feel guilty and say no to them. Try to relax and let them solve their own problems because Neptune is producing a fog so that others can misinterpret what you’re saying. And last of all it’s time to free yourself from censorship and have sex for it can lead to the embodiment of love.

September 23-October 22
Well, Saturn which can be very cold, and corrosive will be affecting you for the next 2 years and this is the planet that can put one obstacle in your life after another. It can be reflective as it points out what isn’t working in your life or maybe the things you want to manifest but sometimes that hill in our life can turn into a mountain so be patience with yourself or you might just start some form of self-medication. It’s hard for you to sit still but at least this planet points out very clearly where or what is wasting your valuable time. As time goes on your new objectives will become polarized. You are becoming less interested in the orthodox presentation of the truth as Pluto reveals the true essence of the cosmic whole that you are a legitimate part of. Your primary concern is that life has meaning and even when confusion holds your hand it causes you to laugh because once again there is a lesson to be learned. You are in a true search for the Light and the vitality of its revelation. Only you understand the meaning of love because you are an awakened spiritual being. You give expression to the divine energies of the dynamics of love and divine will. This has been brought about within the last few years as Pluto which resurrects your soul has taken you from the desperation of unhappiness to the unparalleled exaltation of true love. A new allegiance of your heart to an essential part of your innate divinity. What more could a Libra want. With the planet Mercury the planet of communications it is time to write, teach and express the higher truths as the sage from your past.  Travel can bring opportunities for your career so that greater expression is established but mainly to places that are within a 400-mile circle. Venus the planet of love and your planetary ruler is moving into your sign on the 6th which deals with the sensuous tastes of life so, eat healthy, try and exercise and beware of those around you that bring tension, anxiety into your space and what their pitching because it may be the same old lyrics of the linear matrix. You don’t need a guide because you don’t need to follow the rules. This is a great time to improvise as it will help you to reach an escape velocity from the world of mind control.  You are ready for the next stage of development which can be a new job, new place to live, get married or have a child in which anyone of these can bring freedom do enjoy a very different future. So, how is your new world order going to get started let alone materialize? First you need to remove the lid so that those perceived limits become a falsehood. Let others identify with you and your design and standards.  With a new outline to follow accompanied by your persistence and determination you become focused on your new destination. So, you see your mind is bored, but new ideas get out of the closet, and then patience formulates a new geometry in which you are in sync with. A conformation so that life becomes stabilized. Mars, the planet of action is causing you to step forward and start shredding the past and begin to implement those personal and professional objectives and goals but understand there can be people that are standing in your way trying to tell you what’s good for you and you can’t digest their vocabulary. You’re the warrior, don’t forget that. Your spiritual self is beginning to steep into the depths of the unconscious to reveal consciousness.

October 23-November 21
First Mercury, the planet of communication causes you to start organizing every aspect of your life so that it brings efficiency and the process of structure but while this is good you need to do this in a sequential way so don’t think this can be done in a day. Your mind is alive again having emerged from its nap and ready to synchronize all phases of your life but once again you need a list of things to do and a degree of patience as you check things off your list of things to do. So, whether its cleaning out the closets or putting things in the attic or having a garage sale you take steps to streamline your life and be better organized. There are some things that simply need to be fixed or updated. It’s time for that new phone or computer or you may want to purchase a new car. This is caused by Pluto your planetary ruler that just doesn’t want a tune-up but a complete overhaul. So, respect this planet and have that garage sale and then replace the void with something new. Be somewhat careful in signing contracts as there can be innocent or deliberate mistakes but it will be up to you to catch the errors. This may be a great time to get out of town and do something refreshing and outside the lines of your normal living patterns. You may want to think about changing up your web-site or social pages that you’re on so that others see that you haven’t gone into hibernation. Jupiter the planet that deals with humor and the extension of our aspirations is in your sign for about a year so time to implement your dreams so that they become tangible.  It’s a great time to spend money on yourself or other material desires because you get more for your investment. If it isn’t on sale then you can hold out till it is. Accept invitations that get you out of the house because people want to see you, meet you or maybe just play with you. That’s what’s great about Jupiter is that your friends treat you like royalty because there is a genuine kindness beneath the surface. You may become more interested in expanding your knowledge so think about signing up for school or seminars and lectures. Philosophy or other similar subjects that court your spiritual hemisphere can bring better awareness to just how superficial life is outside your window. Travel is great for it can satisfy your thirst for adventure but, head for an island or at least a state that borders salt water. Neptune, gets you back into nature whether it’s the woods or water. It also deals with romance and poetry and letting culture entertain you so take in a play or concert and then get a table for two so that you can each digest one another.  Dreams and hunches can be uncannily accurate so if there is not a rational answer that comes to you then what is your gut saying.  Pluto as always says time to dump any previous life style or plan and experiment and explore the unknown. What in your life is requiring a radical change that deals with words like transformation or a metamorphosis within your consciousness? Well, you have a great deal of persistence and determination that you can apply in the pursuit of these new motives. It’s just a matter of retooling that mind of yours that can become just a little resistance to change. That’s why it’s good to travel and create change because it will be easier to do it the next time. Breathe in that breath of fresh air and let that energy impregnate very cell of your being. A new and wonderful paradigm of life awaits you so try not to procrastinate to long. You’re not afraid of anything so how can the fear of change get you nervous here. You need to watch being around aggressive people, we all know you’re not afraid of conflict but with Mars the planet of war focused on you, you need to pay attention to the rules, watch driving and being carless which could send to the hospital to get stitches. Last of all it’s time to have faith and begin to flood your life with things that bring infinite meaning to you.

November 22-December 21
It’s going to be a very busy month filled with many opportunities to expand the circumference of your life with just a couple of minor snags. The problems come through misunderstandings but this can be brought about through innocent mistakes or deliberate fraud or deceit. Neptune the planet that can color over conversations is the main problem. This is such a seductive planet because it rules your emotions so that others can use your feelings, kindness and empathy so that you want to give them the benefit of a doubt, a second chance or be blindly optimistic that the conversation your having or the contract your signing is to your benefit. Neptune is about the higher spirit of living but now the vampires want to feast upon you, so be very careful because there are entities that look like humans that want to hold your hand. Trust your intuition with this because you will feel something is wrong but you need to trust that feeling. Little things like absent mindedness, or losing things can go on so you might need a daily planner to avoid being sidetracked. The planet Mercury which rules communications and common sense brings about conversations that lead to contracts, negotiations that gives one the answers to their questions and brings about rewards, honors and significant progress in many aspects of your life. Travel to distant places for social venues like weddings, concerts, vacation or business bring greater joy and happiness. Signing up for classes, taking tests giving or going to a lecture bring greater intellectual understanding. If you are going to have a day in court then this is the month for decisions for they will bring a smile to your face. You could easily get caught up in philosophical discussions, but it will be the facts that will lead you and others to greater truths. On the professional side of your life a great deal of attention is being paid to you because you are inserting as well as integrating a new course of action that will bring greater security and broaden your business endeavors. There may be a major promotion or an expansion in the parameters of your business or job so that you draw a great deal of attention to yourself. There are many new factors that have become a part of your working patterns that have put you on a celestial journey and this is a time to acquire that personal doctrine not sacrifice those ideals. This way your spiritual base is strengthened to bring a belief or faith in yourself. You are a sign that should be in the arena of politics because you have principals, integrity and faith but you’re also smart enough to stay out of that one-way ticket to hell. Mars, rules muscles and this month is a time to express and go after what you want in life because this planet never surrenders or gives up until it has reached its destination. Your stars and planets that have crossed your path have coded you with a new evolutionary blueprint so it’s time to start moving forward with these new thought forms. Life never ceases to offer you meaning and this is a constant until you take your last breath.

December 22-January 19
There are 6 planets that are going to cause some positive distractions this month. The first is Uranus which suddenly strikes and brings enthusiasm and excitement as the sense of adventure causes your heart to begin to beat again. So, it’s time to climb outside the box and do a little experimenting and exploring. This is the time to distant yourself from the conservative media of life and be impulsive. Uranus is all about liberating yourself from the traditional aspects of life and switching channels to get what you want, need and desire.  What or whom is taking away your rights to express yourself. It may be time to say no to what other people want you to do or at least put up some boundaries. You need some alone time here but you seem to be around a lot of people demanding you 24/7. So, whether it’s people at work, friends or even a relationship you might want to hideout or take a break from the status quo in your social life. Even Venus the planet of love is jumping on board with even further problems. It rules beauty and the skin so watch changing make-up, perfumes, soaps as you can develop rashes or other problems that could send you to the doctor. Be careful with that red wine you could spill it or have an accident with your favorite apparel. Last of all watch your spending habits this month for you could get a little out of control. The planet Jupiter has moved into the sign of Scorpio which is a compliment to your sign, so it signals many opportunities that are before you that can bring rewards in some way, but you do need to have faith and embrace that which chooses to expand the parameters of your life. Great time to go to court or take a test or even let the past capture you for a while.  Saturn and Mars are in your sign, so this is a time to be assertive and ask for that raise, market yourself or start your own company. Your persistence and determination especially with your career brings rewards which is more than just a handshake. There can be formal events that deal with family matters like engagements, someone getting married or birth announcements. Just about everything this month is under or in your control. If you haven’t taken that summer vacation, then this is a great month to check that off your list.  Plus, the greater the distance the more that the opulence of life surrounds you.  With Neptune which rules salt water, the ocean is calling you to come and relax. We all know you’re a workaholic, but your family isn’t so break up the monotony and even let them choose the destination. If you’re single, then you may want to accept all invitations to social venues because you could meet someone that has many of the common denominators that you’re looking for. They may also help to broaden your personal and professional aspirations. By the way if you are in a relationship then it’s time to step forward and get married or at least engaged. The planet Neptune that rules our creativity and imagination is upon you so it may be time to become the interior decorator, or get into design or architecture around the house. Get to the theater, museum, or take in a concert. Even your intuition is getting out of the closet so make sure you listen to it because it can inspire you to act upon and materialized your dreams.  This planet Neptune also brings solutions to problems because everything becomes transparent so why not get your annual physical or go dentist and how long have you been wearing those glasses? The more dramatic or transmuting your life becomes the more in touch you are with the principals of your core. You are a sign that works very hard but that brings about the achievement of your goals.

January 20-February 18
It’s not that you’re not healthy right now but you could be exposed to people that are sick or microbes there are floating in the air so just be careful with the biological makeup of your surroundings. You may want to change the air filters on your air conditioning unit or maybe you need a dehumidifier. As you get more into the month the Sun begins to set so that your social life begins to retire earlier in the evening. Any void will be filled with games to play, books to read or maybe you can thin out that list of things to get done around the house.  Mars, normally the verb of the zodiac causes you to be impulsive and shoot from the hip so be careful about the first 12 days of the month with your driving as well as your energy level or even blood pressure could drop. Good luck in trying to sit still or get a good night’s sleep. There seems to be more static and noise than usual. This is because Uranus the planet of personal freedom is in the sign of Taurus which wants to put you on a leash. This can bring a lot of tension and anxiety to anyone as more and more people say no to you or try to run your life. Slowly the comedy channel gets turned off and the reruns are on every channel of your life. You do get a lot of personal things done because your heart won’t stop beating so whatever you start you will finish. Even when it comes to work you can be the problem solver but it’s almost like people expect it so no applause there. You might want to take a few days and work from home if that is possible. so that you have more free time for your personal life. Your body says it’s time to redefine itself so that exercise or working out gives physical and mental refinement.  Greater attention is being drawn to you as you establish new functions or objectives in your life.  Even a promotion with a new title and responsibilities can now become synthesized.  It’s time to spend some money so that your space becomes much more comfortable so updating not only your wardrobe but the conveniences of life, like a new car, TV, couch, or other luxuries that bring in a better balance and rid you of the clutter. If you’re not that happy with your living space maybe it’s a time to relocate.  You’re all about being prepared so even though there will be a lot of unexpected changes you will be able to handle them with grace. Here’s where Uranus your planetary ruler comes in with its sense of adventure so that your future is in the here and now of your life bringing in some kind unexpected changes that usher in new objectives. Things happen much sooner than later so throw away that daily planner. Your dreams and ideas that you have been wanting to materialize are now germinating bringing a new rhythm and motion into your collective lifestyle. Try and deal with those frustrating issues that have you anchored as soon as possible to limit the extension of its life span.

February 19-March 19
Neptune your planetary ruler is transiting your sign and it will be there until 2025. At times, it will come out of the shadows so that life becomes very transparent and because it rules feelings, life can become very cozy and comfortable. Neptune rules water and gets translated into our dreams and visions as it dissolves dense material and our objective thinking. Nothing wrong with allowing the right brain and it idealism, imagination and intuitiveness a chance to come out and play. But it can also cause you to feel and see things before they happen. Your premonitions can be very accurate so pay attention to the subjective world. Because it arouses your emotions a sincere relationship can come into your life. So, loosen up the boundaries and expand upon your social life.  Jupiter the planet of truth and the abstract mind has moved into the sign of Scorpio which is a compliment to your sign. So, this might be a good time to pick up some reading material written by Steiner, Rudhyar or some of the other masters of spiritually. Seminars or lectures that lie out of town can be more than just a financial bargain. Even the objective world could saturate you with information that could lead to an overall improvement of your life especially financially. It’s time to pay attention to what you thirst for, so you may have to take a break from certain people. Enjoy life even more by going to or getting into theater, art, music, painting or photography. Try to stay away from things that regiment your life but even though work is a part of the problem it does give you a paycheck. I know it may be hard to deal with people that are on a different plane of consciousness so put the words yes and no more into your vocabulary. Saturn is now in a positive aspect to you for the next 2 years to give you a course of action that bring personal and professional rewards. Even your health begins to slowly reconstruct itself so that your physical limitations are not a liability. The past or people connected with it want to reestablish their connection with you so expect a text message that someone is in town and would like to see you or better yet maybe it’s a time to get out of town and see them. I could say that those of you that have massaged you’re spiritually may have past life experiences or find someone from lifetimes ago standing in front of you. Certainly, your ideas can turn into constructive substance but you may need the help from true friends to bring it into manifestation. I don’t have to tell you that you are in a cycle of re-birth in that it’s time to look at what’s relevant to you and your desires and needs. That means life needs to be all about you and what others can do to satisfy your visions and desires. Remember I just said it’s about you so don’t feel guilty in saying no to those that want to suck the life out of you. So, where and what needs to be thinned out so that there is less clutter around you? What chapters need to conclude and what is your curiosity leading towards. You may want to take a trip and bathe in the ocean because it will help you to recognize what you need to empower and what you need to detach yourself from. You’re always concerned with other people’s needs but this month you need to satisfy your own gratifications. I know putting yourself first is difficult for you but you need to respond to your own sense of entitlement.  Listen very carefully to that inner voice because the creator gods are trying to connect with you so that feelings can be your compass.  So, once again it’s time to release those creative surges because they are original in their design and go from the drawing board to valid geometric patterns that will help to define the root of your organism. You more than any other sign recognize the self-transcendent quality of the human reality.



​Horoscopes for August 2018

March 20-April 19
This is going to be a month in which moving forward and satisfying your desires may require a great deal of patience on your part. Your motivations are strong until the 12th as Mars your planetary ruler is in a harmonious pattern with you. So, this is a time to push yourself if you want results with your efforts. After this date you will need to examine your wants and desires more cautiously. Saturn has now entered your life and will hang around for about 2 years which will bring obstacles in your life that will weigh you down with unwanted responsibilities. This in turn will cause the status quo of your life to be less gratifying. This may then signal that your path in life needs to undergo a revaluation. Those aspects of your life that become boring and antiquated need to be purged and then replaced with new possibilities. So, once again as you detach yourself from the umbilical cord of security and comfort there will be a period of unrest but the void being created will give way to something much more primordial.  It’s not a time to feel guilty as you begin to purge some aspects of your life because it does signal inner growth. Pluto will help to thin out and renovate your life of that which is no longer relevant. This will help to give you an effectual frame of reference. Certainly, this is a month in which there can be a promotion because more attention is drawn to you because of your determination to motivate not only yourself but others. You can thank Mercury the planet of communication for that. If you can’t close a deal, then no one can. If you have been thinking about opening your own business then this is a great time to move forward with this, but the more control you have the better so stay away from forming partnerships. Remember you are a natural born leader so do not give others the benefit of doubt and relinquish control. You are the pioneer and those that are opposed to your daring pursuits need not follow you. Switching gears in life takes time as well as guts but this is a great time to focus on what you want to actualize. There are things that you want in life and you’re a person that can accept any challenge so here’s your moment to deprogram what has been and to seek new adaptations in the defining of your goals which bring personal and professional merit. There will be others that are resonating with your frequency, so it is time to merge with them in setting intentions. 

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