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Thomas Parsons PMAFA, CAP

The Galactic Center is usually referred to as the GC and with a movement of 58 seconds per year or 1 degree every 72 years and is now at this time of October 2016 at 27 degrees and 4 minutes of the sign Sagittarius. It is located in the center of our galaxy which is about 30,000 thousand light years from Earth with a light year traveling at 186,000 miles per second. It is about 4 million times the mast of our Sun. Our galaxy along with 27 other galaxies rotate around a central core which is M-87 one of the biggest black holes that we know of at this time which sits at 2 degrees of Libra and is called the Super Galactic Center which is abbreviated  ZS. So, we are part of a galactic family and just as we share a blood line with our father and mother which then forms a nucleus so we share an inner calling with an embryonic state of our Soul with a higher state of consciousness.

I have been doing astrology now for a number of years but I have noticed that many of my clients were reacting to changes that were not so apparent in their horoscopes. It was obvious to me that they were sensitive to more subtle whispers that went beyond the parameters of our solar system. Thus, began my journey to first investigate Black Holes and then on to certain constellations that the ancient astrologers used but modern astrologers have neglected to utilize. These would be Orion, Sirius, Archturus, Andromeda, Ursa Major, Antares and Pleiades as well as others.

I think that sub atomic particles have a quantum affect when they penetrate our atmosphere. I think that these effects of the ultra cosmic sources of radiation are discreet and subtle but I do think that those people that have raised their vibratory rate and that wish to receive the benefits must cultivate a stronger sensitivity so that they can inhale what sometimes is referred to as the music of the spheres. Intuition leads to blind faith which then gives way to Divine logic and Divine love that will get your heart beating again.

When I talk about these particles I am talking about x-rays, gamma rays, infrared rays, radio waves, light rays as well as other ultra cosmic sources of radiation.  In referring to black holes what they do is suck in other realities of time and space and then spewed forth these particles to or even through the Earth. It’s like something from the past or even other realities occupying our presence. If we have 5 senses that respond to sight, smell, hearing, tasting and feeling which do affect us physically and neurologically then why couldn’t particles penetrate our genetic material and alter our DNA. We may then start going through subtle changes within our physical reality. Maybe like asking deeper question of the self which once again in time could provoke a new existence because we become conscious of the self, which takes the static matter in which you exist in and then you begin to create a new reality. Don’t your thoughts affect the reality of other people so what your eyes have been accustomed to and that reality can now be changed. If particles can go in and out of our reality then why can’t you.

These massive heavenly bodies that I am bringing into your awareness are the ambassadors of greater understanding but in order for the Light to be shed upon you so that you can become stimulated you must make application to a greater spiritual understanding of the spirit so that you can change matter. Yes it does bring additional responsibilities because you become a link and then a vessel to make massive changes in the refinement of human affairs. If you have a planet for example in alignment with our GC, then this could alter your behavior as far as the horoscope is concerned because the planet in conjunction with the GC is going to attenuate and transmute this energy so that the person can become receptive to new concepts of being. This brings a new ingredient to interpret in your chart. This is called an inner calling and only those that have attuned higher spiritual awareness can have this provoked into their consciousness.

Remember you are the Divine Word and you are a state of consciousness that is ready  to activate your gifts that are contained within the garment of your Soul. This creates higher understanding of your inner value so that you begin to be the servant of the YHWH. Your seed has been selected and you have chosen to be an astrobiological circuit resonating with the star systems so that you are the guiding intelligence for the masses.

Certain notable have this that made major contributions to the advancement of humanity. Julius Caear, Janis Joplin, Little Richard, Eartha Kitt, William Buckley, Jacqueline Onassis, Martin Luther King, Rod Sterling, Charlton Heston, David Susskind, Billy Graham, Brezhnev, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Steve Allen, Judy Garland, John Gleen, Frank Borman, Henry Kissinger, Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg. Lawrence Welk, Benjam Spock, Margaret Mead, Noel Coward, Charles Lindbergh, Bob Hope, Paul Getty, Eugene O’Neill and Vladimir Horowitz.

You start as the human, occupying Earth under the rays of the Sun which then receives particles from the Pleiades, then Archturus, then Orion onto the Milky Way and then the Tula which is the central Sun or Throne.